While Assange is waiting for American justice in Britain he was tortured

Пока Ассанж ждет американского правосудия, в Британии его пытают

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Psychological torture and constant pressure at the UN are sounding the alarm in connection with the state of Julian Assange. It has been several months waiting for extradition decisions in the United States in the harshest prison in London. A journalist can spend in prison for a lifetime: the Americans are going to condemn him for almost two hundred years.

Unnoticed torture

“British Guatanamo” — the so-called male maximum-security prison regime Belmarsh in London. There contain dangerous criminals — serial killers, terrorists, robbers. Among them was revealed to the world the secrets of the governments of the founder of WikiLeaks journalist Julian Assange.For seven years in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, he often complained about the lack of a stable Internet, medical services and opportunities to walk in the fresh air. The conditions in which he found himself now, much more harsh.Prisoners Belmarsh repeatedly complained about ill-treatment. According to some reports, in 2009, every five have experienced here is violence, and not only on the part of correctional staff. Colony known implacable enmity convicted of Muslims and Catholics, there are tough conflicts.But it’s not just physical abuse and conditions of detention. According to the UN special Rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer, Julian Assange and psychological pressure.

Пока Ассанж ждет американского правосудия, в Британии его пытают

© 2019 AFP / Daniel Leal-Olivas.Prison Belmarsh in London“I visited him together with two medical experts. We came to the conclusion that he is a long time subjected to psychological torture. It is a medical conclusion,” — he stressed. Meltzer noted that the Committee had requested the authorities involved in the case of countries such as the UK, USA, Sweden and Ecuador — opened to investigate the facts and take action. As they left the call unattended, contrary to the obligations under the UN Convention against torture.Meltzer took the matter in March 2019. He admitted that he had previously received for ten to fifteen requests a day, but because of “some prejudice” refused to delve into the situation. Meltzer later said: “I was surprised that on the day of his arrest, he was immediately taken to court after years of imprisonment in the Ecuadorian Embassy and immediately passed sentence. In normal practice, the first person arrested, and then give a couple of weeks to prepare a defense”.He also noted that in 20 years of working with victims of war and political criminals “are not faced with a situation in which several democratic States have deliberately teamed up to isolate, demonize and violate the rights of the individual, ignoring the principles of human dignity and rights.”

“Sample the power of the spirit”

About the bad health of Assange talk for a long time. When he was literally dragged by the hand of the Ecuadorian Embassy, he didn’t look energetic man of his age is 48 years. “Julian exposed to all sorts of tortures”, — said his father John Shipton. Specified that the son lost weight, and during meetings, timid and nervous.According to Carlos Poveda, lawyer of WikiLeaks founder, his client is completely isolated, and to communicate his allotted one hour per day. Although some well-known people were able to see him.American actress and model Pamela Anderson shared her impressions of the meeting: “He hugged me and lifted above the floor. He’s an example of the strength of the human spirit.” According to the actress, prison Belmarsh — not a place, “where would you like to leave your loved ones”. She was sure that the prisoner used psychological violence. “He was right: everything he predicted happened,” said Anderson.British singer M. I. A. — mathangi arulpragasam told reporters that for a few months trying to convey to Assange book about yoga, but the gift does not reach the addressee. “I think it’s too much not to give people to read books. I’m not even allowed to transfer notebooks”, she shared her experiences. The worst thing in this situation, according to the artist, something that the journalist “was in such a situation because of the publicity of information about war crimes.”

Пока Ассанж ждет американского правосудия, в Британии его пытают

© RIA Novosti / Ruptly. Members of the British police is removed from the building of the Embassy of Ecuador arrested WikiLeaks founder Julian AssangeIn June, with the WikiLeaks founder had the opportunity to see the famous Chinese dissident AI Weiwei, who knows firsthand about the abuse and prisons. According to him, the inmate’s condition is getting worse, as he lay in the prison hospital.In the clinic Assange was in may. His spokesman said: he is so bad that you will not be able to participate in the court even by video conference. According to Nils Melzer, then the prisoner was physical ailments, but of particular concern is “constant anxiety”. “It was clear he feels threatened from all — described the thrill of meeting the UN official. — He understood why I came to him and what they do, but was very agitated and lost in thought. Conduct a conversation with him was difficult.”In July, the portal Ruptly published a video recorded by one of the prisoners of Belmarsh in the prison. In the video Assange is actively communicating with other inmates move freely around the room, and doesn’t look sickly and weak. In the frame of fall a table to play kicker (table football) and a prison cell: there is a window, single bed with mattress, bedside table and a monitor. Around in a mess of strewn books and notebooks. However, it is unclear whose it is the camera.

From prison to prison

The scandal involving Julian Assange, broke out in 2010. Then appeared on WikiLeaks, the secret documents of the US state Department, as well as other materials about the U.S. military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fearing persecution, the journalist went to Sweden.There it was waiting for other troubles: accusations of rape. When this became known, Assange moved to the UK, and because Stockholm has issued a warrant for his arrest and declared in the international search. The suspect was detained in London, but was soon released to await deportation to Sweden on bail in 240 thousand pounds.Then he asked for asylum from Ecuador. Subsequently in Stockholm, the charges were dropped, but London emphasizes that the British laws were broken.Right after in April 2019 Ecuador Assange was deprived of refugee status, the British authorities arrested him at the request of the USA for extradition. Then he was sentenced to 50 weeks imprisonment for breach of bail.
The sentence expired on September 22, however, while the journalist was in Belmarsh, Washington has officially demanded from London to return it to the U.S. so from prison, Assange is not released. In the United States, he faces charges on 18 counts, including conspiring to hack into government computers and violating the espionage act. If the U.S. Supreme court still held and found guilty, in prison, he will hold up to 175 years.At the end of September throughout the world, held pickets in support of Assange. The people took to the streets demanding not to allow the extradition of a journalist overseas. The question of whether he will stand before the American justice, is still not resolved. Eleventh October in London was held a preliminary hearing. The defendant answered the questions on video. Additional testimony he gave, and only confirmed his name and age. It is expected that at the end of October, he will appear in court in person.The main hearing will start February 25, 2020. Then it will be decided will be whether the journalist to freedom or spend the rest of days in an American prison.Sophia Melnychuk

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