While the friend did self, someone slipped her something in a glass. And it happens increasingly!

Can happen to anyone. Be careful.

Поки подруги робили селфі, хтось підсипав їй щось у склянку. І таке буває все частіше!

If you are in a club or other entertainment venues, be very careful with what you drink and in what company you do it. In your glass can easily administer the drug, which you lose perspective or even worse – consciousness, reports Rus.Media.

Further scenarios may be several. And none of them you are not happy.

A young girl in this video just for a moment distracted from his drink and that’s what happened.

In this video you see a girl named Cristal Santos, he is at a music festival. When she decides to take a picture of yourself on camera, behind her appears a stranger, who quickly and quietly throws something in her drink.

A 15-second video published by Twitter user under the nickname Jaeda_sky, has been viewed over 10 million times. “Look for their drinks!” – the inscription under the video.

Fortunately, Cristal did not drink the cocktail glass was already almost empty when he threw a drug, and she noticed something that should not be there.

Here’s what she wrote:

“This is a warning to us all. I’m sure your mother is a thousand times warned you about this. I thought my mother was exaggerating!

But it’s not. It seems to us that us will not happen, but the truth is that it can happen at any time and in any place.”

Under the video, people began to Express their outrage and anger about what is happening in the video, but there were also those who suggested that all this is just staged.

Last argued his point of view the fact that the camera no one would do.

There were also suggestions that the guy gave the girl a drug for which she paid. But otherwise why do self with an empty glass in your hand?

In any case, caution never hurts! Beware!

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