White and no redness: lighten the skin in intimate places.

Белым-бело и без покраснений: осветляем кожу в интимных местах народными методами

Many women are concerned with a problem such as darkening of the skin in intimate places. They think that they are sick. Meanwhile, there is a lot of people’s councils, by which the skin tone can be aligned, making it lighter.
According to experts of the American Academy of dermatology, a similar phenomenon exists (and even has an official name in medicine), but disease is not one of them. This is quite a common natural state. Of course, it can occur under the influence of diseases (obesity, diabetes mellitus and others), in General, this darkening is due to the peculiarities of the female body.+

While it may appear not only in the pubic areas, but also in the armpits and in the neck. In addition, the appearance of dark spots can influence certain medications and dietary supplements. Below we consider the basic tips and try to understand which of them is more effective.+

Lemon juice

This substance is known for its healing powers for more than a dozen years. But since dark spots in the intimate area of the disease are not, the lemon juice acts as a conventional clarifier. Apply it enough simply to put a quantity of juice in place of Browning and leave for 10 minutes.+

After about 3 weeks of this application, you will see that your skin tone evened out, and she visibly brightened. The only caution that I would like to draw attention — in the case of the use of this method in the pubic area the hair is better not to shave, since the lemon will be irritating and the skin will simply sting.+

Rose water and sandalwood powder

Mixing 10 drops of water and one teaspoon of powder, to obtain a pasty mass, which should be applied to the intimate area. Both of these ingredients have a lightening effect. The connection of these elements only enhance the effect. The duration of the rate of application is about 3 weeks.+

Aloe Vera

This material is best used in the form of a gel. Method of application is quite simple — it should be rubbed into the skin each time after bath. Just a few weeks and your skin will be noticeably brighter. It should be noted that aloe Vera is one of the oldest substances used as fining agent.+


Such a food product, like plain yogurt (no additives), is also lightens the skin. For this purpose it is necessary each time after taking a bath, RUB into skin and leave for 15 minutes. After this time, no leftovers need to be washed off with warm water. After a few days of use you will notice that your skin in intimate areas has become much lighter.+

Turmeric and citrus juice

This method of skin lightening has come to us from Ancient India. Citrus juice has long been enjoyed the popularity. A modern interpretation of orange juice must be mixed with a few pinches of turmeric and apply on the darkened skin. This procedure should be carried out in a few weeks, but after a few techniques you will see the first results.+


The easiest and most affordable way. It is sufficient to take the water and flour in such proportions as to make a fairly thick paste-like slurry. It should be applied on the darkened skin, leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse with ordinary tap water. Moreover, it can be done unlimited number of times.+

When you use any of these methods, it is possible that you will feel some irritation in intimate places. Do not be afraid, because such ingredients are completely natural. And that is why they are considered the best. You just need a little patience — but the result is simply stunning!

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