Whitehorse at Petit Campus: in their boots

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
The duo Whitehorse, made up of Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland

Finally, the place belonged to them. Neither first party at the Metropolis, or portion of a festival on an outdoor stage. May be small, this is a Small Campus, but at their full disposal. To someone else to carry out the first part (Terra Lightfoot, in the present case). Modest place, but filled to the brim. Their world. Their ambience. Their show complete. For the first time in Montreal, the duo Whitehorse did not have to adapt.


Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet did not reduce their proposal to the minimum : no generator loop for the bass and the drums, not programming. The real group cover, properly welded, very rock trio bass-guitar-keyboards in addition to the lovebirds. The real deal. Of course, two, they are enough. Of course they can make their effect in all circumstances. But it was good, for a night, a room full time to take advantage of their full menu.


No fuss


It showed in the way they present themselves : sober. She and him, dressed in black from. No fuss, no dramatic look to seduce the audience by chance. No one was at the Petit Campus, by chance, this Wednesday evening. These people knew about the directory, including recent titles from the album Panther-in-the-Dollhouse : the harsh and beautiful Die Alone, especially, has been welcomed as a friend of long date. We have integrated their directory. They return to the dangerous Downtown of the album Leave No Bridge Unburned, or their version almost hypnotic to the Nadine Chuck Berry (” a man very complicated, not really charming, ” commented Luke), it was familiar ground.


The reminder, the great Tame As the Wild Ones (ah, those harmonies !), was a kind of reward : their most iconic song, the one they played at every crossing in town, a symbol of their persistence, the will to win early in the late in their own terms. We also have obtained Ohio, the song of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, the same as David Crosby, at the salle Maisonneuve on November 10, had to play for HIS recall. He never came back, the mustache, there has been no recall. This Wednesday, the Small Campus, the release was immense, brutal, and beautiful. And more relevant than ever. There is a justice : thanks to Luke and Melissa to carry the torch.

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