Who actually created the show “heads and Tails”: the dispute between Jeanne badoeva and Natella Krapivina

Producer Svetlana Loboda wrote a message to fans.

Хто насправді створив шоу "Орел и Решка": суперечка між Жанною Бадоєвою і Нателлою Крапівіною

Today, everyone is on the lips of the scandal between the involved in the show “heads and Tails” people. What is not shared Zhanna badoeva and Natella Krapivina, read the article, informs Rus.Media.

Last Friday, in an interview in the “Evening Urgant”, which came to Zhanna badoeva with the presentation of the new project “the Lives of others”, she said that she created the popular travel show “heads and Tails”.

My classmates decided to come up with a show about travel, it was the year 2010, we filmed the first programme, and in 2011 we went on the air.

This fact angered producer Svetlana Loboda – Natella Krapivin, who is also the chief producer of “the eagle and Reshka”. She appealed to the public with the following statement:

“We many times asked this question, including our latest webcast. So we want to dot the “i”. We are very grateful to Zhanna Badoeva for participating in our project. But! The birthplace of the project – Kiev Obolon, a cozy kitchen at a local building, and the happy parents – young inexperienced travelers, Lena, Zhenya and Katya, who really wanted to see the world! Out “newborn” went for approval right up to Natelli Krapivno. Then I got finally a title that remained unchanged for eight years – heads and Tails.

Thus, the creators of the project “heads and Tails”, according to Krappe, is the Eugene and Helen Sinelnikove, Katya Turova came up with to flip a coin, and Zhanna badoeva was only the leading. For details, see the video below.

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