Who are you, Vova Zelensky?

Кто вы, Вова Зеленский?

On the eve of presidential elections, Mikhail Zhvanetsky, when he was asked what he likes about Zelensky, the writer said – “Well, what if he’s a comedian? But we stupid, like chests, it’s a lot worse than handsome and smart young man.”

About his youth, Mikhail Mikhailovich certainly overdone, but in relation to smart – I believe him at his word. Therefore, let us consider all actions already Thepresident as exceptionally intelligent.

It is always better to consider the examples, and they are a dime a dozen. But here are a couple of fresh.

In the first place. Zelensky, the efforts of its close ally Goncharuk (chief of Cabinet, a Prime Minister not dare) returns to active political life of Ukraine Nazi viatrovych. Instead of sitting in prison for committing state crimes, viatrovych, thanks Zelensky, now will represent the Ukrainian people in the Verkhovna Rada and actively help to build (at attention) nation and fight with the Russian world. Clever!?

Secondly. Yesterday, 63-year-old Marusinec, which is “famous” photo with a cake for his 60th anniversary in the form of the autobiographical book of Hitler Mein Kampf, posts vs “f@Dov”, census of foreign materials that justified the Holocaust and the events at Babi Yar and encouraged to retake territory from Poland and Hungary, the court returned to work in the foreign Ministry. On his page on Facebook he wrote that “to be a fascist honorable” and was proud that his father “was a soldier of the German Wehrmacht”. Interestingly, in early may of this year, before ze office, the court Marusinec lost. By accident!?

Кто вы, Вова Зеленский?

Zelensky promised to support all the citizens of Ukraine, but it supports why it is mainly the Nazis, not counting the oligarchs and corrupt officials of course. A Nazi and a killer Elderberry successfully, with the assistance of the attorney General, has a career, and Poroshenko openly spits on stopyatsot criminal cases and strengthens its position. For the Benya and dad talk funny, it’s just the chocolate.

Today, labor Green majority, but the party of the “Servant of the people” already honored consider, as a typical radical right-wing party, in the hero city Kyiv in honor of the Nazis and terrorists, was renamed the street. As reported by the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky.

According to him, in addition to the street in honor of Ivan Pavlenko, a Nazi collaborator, a war criminal, the commandant of the Ukrainian auxiliary police and the commander of the 109th battalion of the auxiliary police of the SS, renamed a street in honor of another Nazi collaborator, an activist of the OUN Neil and awarded.

“This Rivne artist fought with the Jews drawing anti-Semitic cartoons in the Nazi newspaper in Exactly – at a time when his colleagues at OUN killed 25 thousand Jews. Later in the UPA, he participated in the organization of mass murder of poles” – says Dolinsky.

However, Dolinsky blames, to put it mildly, unwise Klitschko, who just stupidly obey the instructions and decisions of higher authorities. He is also smart.

There are many more facts. This and the raging impunity of the Nazis, etc., etc… the list can be very long and it will make future Tribunal. Most importantly, it system that is supported at the highest level and consistently is being implemented. This is the build system of the Nazi state. You can speak and blame the West, which is interested in this, but it takes the same (already in turbo mode) power led “smart and cute” Zelensky, rebuffed.

I really don’t feel trolling the esteemed Mikhail Mikhaylovich, really. Smart are different. I just agree with him in principle that Zelensky is doing everything consciously and knows what he’s doing and why.

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