Who checks the meat in the markets and whether you can drink water from the springs of the

Кто проверяет мясо на рынках и можно ли пить воду из целебных источников

Who checks the meat in the markets and whether you can drink water from the springs of the
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Enough receipt to check the store on the subject of low-quality goods. Photo archive KP

The questions of “KP” in Ukraine,” said the head of the State service on safety of foodstuffs and consumer protection Volodymyr LAPA.

Recently there has been another poisoning in children’s camp near Kiev. Than poisoned children?

Кто проверяет мясо на рынках и можно ли пить воду из целебных источников

The head of the State service on safety of foodstuffs and consumer protection Volodymyr LAPA. Photo: archive KP

– Likely cause of the poisoning was violation of the conditions of storage of dairy products. The teachers kept the milk out of the fridge and at room temperature. Fortunately, for most of the poisoning occurred in a mild form, but one child is in intensive care with a diagnosis of “encephalitis”. Perhaps illness caused by food poisoning, superimposed on the other. But this is doctors say.

– Before this season, check camp?

– Of course, checked. There were a lot of violations. The question is, are they significant. Mostly minor, which are eliminated in a few days. For example, deficiencies in equipment or disinfectants. If we are talking about the shortcomings on the food block, they are connected with the necessity of equipping the camp. In such cases, we record the failure to ensure children’s rest.

You need to check the complaint

– Previously, SES was off shopping and unexpected inspections of young sellers were scared. Today, there are unscheduled inspections?

– From 4 April, entered into force the law on the state control in the sphere of circulation of food. We have the possibility of unannounced inspections. But there must be a reasonable complaint of the consumer, which shows name, date, signature, address, the name of the specific trading party store, supermarket, stall. Therefore, I would recommend to take shopping receipts and save them some time, then you can add the document. And then we go out on an unscheduled inspection.

– A lot of counterfeit products in stores?

I saw different numbers and different expert points of view. But we can say that Ukraine is fake. For example, we can assume that this dairy products, when under the guise of oil sold milk products. It is not a violation in itself, but it is a violation of the labeling. If the sausages says that it is meat, then there must be meat. This does not mean that the products are dangerous, but this means that the manufacturer must allow the consumer to make their choice. The consumer must understand what he pays. The penalties for this are quite serious, including withdrawal of all batches of products from the market. Plus a fine, and tens of thousands of hryvnia, depending on the violations.

– Last year many people died from botulism after eating fish bought in supermarkets. How is it that these products hit the shelves?

Such products are difficult to identify. The toxin can be in only one fish, and the rest of the party remains safe. But this one fish is “shoot”. Selective control is, but it does not give 100% result. There is more than a question of legality of origin of raw materials, temperature during processing and storage. In all cases of industrial origin such fish action was taken, penalized, revoked the party from the market.

– If, for example, poisoned yogurt, does it need a part to keep to make a laboratory study that it was the cause of the poisoning?

– Would be enough of a check confirming the purchase of yogurt at a specific store. If after poisoning people were taken to the hospital, the attached documents about the treatment. And this is the basis for the inspection. If poisoned more than three people, then we classify it as a mass food poisoning. In such cases begins to act quite another mode. The health protection bodies have reported such cases, there are testing centres the Ministry of health, which carry out primary research, and there are rules of interaction between them and Rospotrebnadzo, they inform us, and we then have the measures of state control.

And here we are talking not only about the fines. Such an emergency are discussed at sessions of the Commission on technogenic safety and emergency situations, because of mass food poisoning – this is an emergency. After that, connect our colleagues from the National police, and we are giving them the result. In most cases, a criminal case. And it should be understood by entities.

Laboratories on the market can be trusted

– Previously, SES was the storm of all the markets and shops. Check you food fairs, markets?

– There are legal requirements that stipulate that if you sell raw meat, fish, dairy products, there must be laboratory studies. May have noticed that on all organized markets lab Rospotrebsoyuz? Accordingly, if at the fairs sold by raw meat without laboratory studies and documents, its implementation is prohibited.

And laboratories that are on the markets can be trusted?

– They carry out basic research. Complex microbiological tests take several days, and impossible to hold in a market trade. No one will bring the meat and will not wait 4 days conclusion microbiological study. But parasitological, virological basic research there necessarily carried out. With sufficient probability the products are safe.

– Can now sell a lot of radioactive berries and mushrooms. What to do with it?

– There are some areas in the Zhytomyr, Rivne oblasts and some other regions, where we continue to record a specific exceedance of radioactive contamination. In markets such radiological studies. Where we sell by the road, each buyer takes the risk.

Import the three levels of risk

– How do you assess the quality of Ukrainian products which are exported and which are implemented in the country?

– When we talk about exports, we check the products for compliance with the Ukrainian legislation and in compliance with the legislation of the country of destination. Our laws, in some cases, much stricter than European. For example, the EU in most product categories do not regulate the content of nitrates, while in Ukraine there are acceptable norms. But seeing the compliance of Ukrainian and European legislation, consumer is logical to assume that these products will be safer and probably better.

And it’s not only concerning the EU norms. Almost all countries importing Ukrainian products of animal origin, sent to our country’s inspection mission. And believe me, not just to survive, but we survive.

In the EU test our products, and we check that imported from the EU to Ukraine?

– The law “On state control over observance of legislation on food, feed and by-products of animal origin, the health and welfare of animals”, who on 4 April this year, came into effect, adapts the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation to the European one. In particular, it involves depending on the risk criteria several types of control. The first products are low-risk. This may be the only documentary control. At a higher level of risk is set a certain percentage of physical inspections, that is when you take the documents and check whether the products correspond to what is written in the documents is not infringed if the packaging is sealed if it is, there are no unnatural odor, and so forth, and, of course, is a certain amount of laboratory research for the production of the third level of risk.


From healing springs is better not to drink

– Is it possible to drink water from the healing springs?

– From the point of view of legislation, this water is not a food product. It’s just the water that flows in a natural way. I don’t take the risk to talk about whether it is safe. With regard to the Central water supply, we carry out her research. And not only we, but also the centres laboratory of the Ministry of health.

– Artesian wells, Rospotrebsoyuz also checks?

– If the well is subsequently used for centralized water supply – Yes.

Reference “KP”

In the case of food poisoning:

1. To contact the medical institution and obtain a certificate, which will indicate the cause of the poisoning.

2. It is important to keep receipts of products or dishes in catering establishments.

3. For protection of their rights to appeal to the state foods and consumer service Kiev or regional offices (addresses and phone numbers is available at the link http://www.consumer.gov.ua/ContentPages/Kontakti_Terorganiv/139/) and write a statement in which to specify the place of grocery shopping or eating. The statement should attach copies of certificates from the doctor and receipts. Applications can be submitted in electronic form to the address z-elena@consumer.gov.ua either via an electronic form on the website at the link http://z.dpss.xyz/.

In addition, a government hot line 1545.

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