Who has the right to the PCU for students?

Qui a droit à la PCU pour étudiants?

When Justin Trudeau announced the Delivery of canadian emergency for the students, it is said on the fact this using excessive could encourage many young people to take it easy this summer.

Eventually, they will have to make some effort after all.

What will be their duties ?

Up to $2000

First, let us recall what it is. Ottawa offers assistance of $ 1,250 per month for students unable to find a job this summer because of the COVID-19, and this, for the months of may, June, July and August. Those who work without being able to earn more than $ 1000 per month, are entitled to it also.

The amount of the assistance rises to $ 2000 for students who have dependants or a disability.

The money received will be taxable, but for many young people, there will be no tax to pay because their incomes are too low.

Who is eligible ?

There are three categories of students, regardless of age : those who are enrolled in a postsecondary program (university, college, professional program of secondary school education) ; those who have completed or stopped their education at the earliest in December 2019 ; those who have completed their secondary education and who have made an application for admission to a post-secondary program.

Foreign students and temporary workers are not eligible.

The money does not come automatically

These are not all of the students who will be able to make the request for four months.

Those whose school schedule is normally extends up to the month of June will be able to submit an application for the months of July and August.

Students must submit their requests each month.

Each time, they will be required to certify that they have not been able to win more than $ 1000 during the month and that they have pursued, without success, their search for employment.

Evidence of these efforts will not be required at the time, but Ottawa said that he could check later.

This will certainly not be a systematic approach, but young people selected at random may need to be accountable.

It is far from certain, but all the same, it would be prudent to document his search for employment. How ?

Tips to show white paw

  • Keep a copy of each version of the CV and letters of motivation.
  • Record the time spent on preparation and note the places where you have deposited.
  • Keep track of your research on the internet.
  • Note the calls of solicitation and the identity of your interlocutors.
  • Balance recruitment interviews.
  • Register at the Counter-employment of the government of Canada here

There can be no presumption of the guidelines that will be given to the officials, nor the zeal that they apply in their audits. For the students that will affect the PCUE, the important thing is to be able to demonstrate that efforts have been made, a little throughout the summer.

One can file his first application since the 15th of may and we will be able to claim assistance retroactively until 30 September.

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