Who is Diary Sow, the Senegalese student missing since January 4?

    Who is Diary Sow, the Senegalese student missing since January 4?

    Diary Sow has twice won the prize for “best student of Senegal” and published a book in 2020. She arrived in France a year and a half ago, after winning a scholarship for excellence.

    On the streets of eastern Paris, his face appears on wanted notices posted since this weekend. Diary Sow, a 20-year-old Senegalese girl has not given any sign of life for nine days. His trail was lost at the gates of a student residence.

    On Monday, January 4, she bagged to go to her room then, nothing more. The one that Senegal knows as a model student did not show up at the start of the Christmas holidays at the Lycée Louis-Le-Grand, where she is in the second year of preparatory class. An absence that quickly worried those around him.

    “She is a punctual student, very serious, and the alert was given quickly. Nobody saw her, we did not find her in her university apartment,” Henry Sarr, member of the university, told AFP. ‘an association of Senegalese students who launched appeals on social networks.

    Twice elected “best student of Senegal”

    Described as a brilliant young woman, Diary Sow arrived in France in 2019 after winning an excellence scholarship. She is the pride of her country for having won twice, in 2018 and 2019, the “best student of Senegal” award. Passionate about reading, she is, at only 20 years old, the author of a novel published in 2020, The face of an angel (Harmattan).

    “Diary Sow was very quickly devoted to his studies. Since childhood she has only taken care of reading. It is his passion”, tells BFMTV the uncle of the missing, Makfousse Sarr.

    “She is not just anyone in this country because she was twice the best student in Senegal and we all know her”, adds Daouda MBaye, initiator of the #RetrouvonsDiarySow collective.

    “We cannot stand idly by,” he says on our antenna.

    The hypothesis of the envisaged fugue

    An investigation for “worrying disappearance” was opened and entrusted to the brigade of repression of the delinquency with the person (BRDP). A disappearance notice with the photo of the young woman and a telephone number (07 85 93 32 11) were also published on the consulate’s website.

    “Since the announcement of the news, the Senegalese and French authorities have made every effort to find Diary Sow with an appropriate alert protocol. Let us trust them. Thank you for your mobilization for Diary Sow and let us keep hope,” tweeted Sunday on godfather of the young woman, the former Minister of Education currently in charge of hydraulics, Serigne Mbaye Thiam.

    According to diplomatic sources, a recent stay of the young woman in Toulouse raises questions. The hypothesis of a fugue is not excluded.

    Mélanie Vecchio with Ambre Lepoivre

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