Who said: “there’s the grumpy who feel that the France team to play poorly”

The coach of the team of France Didier Deschamps during the game against Belarus on October 10, 2017 Saint-Denis. — Ch. Ena / AP / Sipa

For the first time since the 2006 world Cup, France qualified for the World without the need to go through the check dams. However, obtaining a visa to Russia is accompanied by numerous derogatory comments about the football not always folichon practiced by the team of Didier Deschamps. The kind of remarks that irritated Pascal Dupraz.

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For the coach of the TFC, the Basque is ” a great breeder “. “There’s that grumpy in this country who consider that we are playing evil “, the judge Dupraz, who claims to be a ” supporter of the France team, even if I am a Savoyard “. In other words, separatist savoyard…

League 1: Dupraz advocates… for the independence of the Savoie // well, yes and for a long time https://t.co/jgOTDCpB76

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“I am French by the identity card and the plebiscite hidden from 1860, but I’m Savoisien in the soul,” he says. The duchy of Savoy (which includes the departments current of the Savoie and Haute-Savoie) has been part of France following a referendum in which the critics continue to denounce irregularities.

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