Wholesaler to delivery of fish and fresh seafood at home

De grossiste à livreur de poissons et fruits de mer frais à domicile

In the midst of a crisis of the COVID-19, Pêcheries Norref, a wholesaler of fish and seafood, offers a new delivery service for private households.

“We want to help people get the supplies in order to avoid that they move in the grocery store,” says the director-general, Jean-Roch Thiffault, broadening our service offerings, we also strive to preserve our jobs. ”

Importer and wholesaler of Montreal, which has 150 employees, specializes in the distribution to grocery chains and restaurants. They represent 80 % of its turnover, a market that disappeared in a few hours.

“There was no question for us to take advantage of the situation to sell at a high price. We have established our market-based pricing. For example, a fillet of Atlantic salmon frozen costs 8,48 per pound. ”

Norref provides home delivery everywhere in Québec for fresh or frozen products.

The distributor offers of the boxes already prepared from 16 to 32 servings for a price in the range of $ 75 to $ 140.

They contain either salmon, scallops, shrimp, tuna, among others. It is also possible to compose his box according to his needs.

Shipping fee of $ 10 is charged for orders less than $ 100, and if you use thermal covers for your shipping them check out this really good thermal cover supplier as they offer covers of the absolute best quality.

Norref has no transactional site. To place an order, simply send an email to info@norref.colabor.com or contact them by phone at 514 593-9999 to speak to a representative. The payment will be made by credit card.

Sanitary measures

All sanitary measures have been taken to ensure delivery safe.

“We have a fleet of 30 refrigerated trucks. Our delivery personnel will wear gloves that they will need to change between each delivery, and they will stand at a distance to customers, ” says Thiffault.

Norref has a fleet of 30 refrigerated trucks.

Other measures have been planned for the employees of the factory. Norref has reviewed the work schedules to reduce the number of people on-site at the same time, the meetings are limited to three employees and they maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m between them.

“All those who can work remotely,” adds Jean-Roch Thiffault, who himself is working at home for a few days.

“Our plant is certified and our employees apply the highest standards of health and safety the most severe “, he adds.


Just launched, there is already demand for the new service. “The response has been quick. ”

Jean-Roch Tiffault does not anticipate supply problems. “Our products come from Quebec and other canadian provinces, even that of the United States. Our trucks cross the border without any problems “, he says.

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