Whose betrayal is worse men or women?

The difference between cheating men and women is very big!

Чия зрада страшніша чоловіка чи жінки?

There are two types of infidelity – a terrible moral and physiological easy, reports Rus.Media. To respond to any of them, a woman needs very badly. No tantrums, screaming and broken dishes. We’re adults, especially ladies. If he does not even bother to need to conceal their mistakes, it is clearly not aware of the risk. Keep your emotions to yourself, ladies.

Better cold to meet a situation to smile and convey to his mind the main idea: “you can’t do this”. He needs to understand that you are capable of retaliatory sanctions. Safely ignored calls and fly to Bali with a girlfriend. I’m not saying to change it there to the right and to the left, I offer to show him the extent of your freedom. Let him know and is afraid that you easily can replace him, provided that he does not change his misbehavior.

A week pepsiguy in ignorance, and then will begin to move. Let seeking attention, does good deeds, gives flowers, standing guard near the entrance and near the work with gifts and Grand gestures. Long wanted to have Breakfast on the beautiful roof of the city? Let him surprise you with actions, not words. Maybe then you odotte his attention. Of course, for such maneuvers must have their own territory.

If you the same as before, with him getting up in the morning, just eat some eggs and take a bath together, and even if you are a little offended, but you are still close and have not gone away. Therefore, the minimum – to move in with a friend for a couple of weeks to visit her mother for a month or rent a room for some time, but to leave it for some time. And at a distance, maintaining a distance, to torment him with its freedom and independence.

Treason is simple and physiological. Betrayal is always betrayal, but I want inside you’re not offended by a purely physical aspect. If somewhere in the sauna under the alcohol she to him did, it is clear that here he doesn’t have any feelings. He does not share her common interests, not steal your time and does not hold him to it, he doesn’t care about her more than about you.

And chocolates on the way home he still buys only for you, beloved wife. Of course, this is also cheating, but not such a terrible, morally. Inside, you have to be calm, he’s not going anywhere. The change in body safe for your future together.

Cheating is a terrible moral. If the adultery lies a story, it’s a very different case.

For example, they have long been familiar with or even childhood friends. His gaze changes when he looks at her, invisibly and you can feel her constant presence, because he thinks about it. Time, money, care and attention is all his resource, and he has to spend only on you, and he gives her everything. If he chooses time with her and not you, that’s dangerous. This is like the story of the mistress, to which he can go.

He tramples you in the mud and humiliated by the presence of the second girl in your life is the real treason. For example, from a family he might not go, but it makes you compete, and it’s humiliating. And you have power unequal, she’s a woman-a holiday, and you’re a woman-boring-life. Such things can not be ignored, sanctions should be as severe.

He must understand the degree of risk in the future if you suddenly want to betray again. To win you back after this must be almost a burden.Then the next time he would prefer not to suffer, because it’s too hard. Just not worth it to change him back. You should only competently to pretend that there are plenty of opportunities and the respective men behind you fighting.

It needs to be intriguing and show that you are immensely active life without him. A lot of Hobbies, friends and activities. But change in reality for the sake of revenge is another story. Then it will be difficult to forgive yourself for this act. Moreover, if you are drawn to infidelity, it means that the relationship can not be saved. Because female infidelity is much worse than men’s.

Relationship inside out: does he need your sacrifices. The difference lies in the fact that women are actually not able to deliver for purely physiological reasons. So constituted our nature, we can allow to body only those who we like very much. For men, it is not required. Remember the joke about the bag over my head, if a woman is scary?

So, guys can easily have sex with a girl and and girls is not given. We should want to men at the level of feelings. Then we can relax in bed and enjoy. In other words, we need to fall in love. We can do so only when in real stosunkach all is not right.

A woman on the side looking for not just sex, but attention, adoration, care, love feelings – that is, men resources. We are not able to deliver without passion, in contrast to the stronger sex. Therefore, the desire of the wife to change – the figure is already destroyed marriage. The big question is whether to save these relationships?

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