Why are people afraid of Friday the 13th

Почему люди боятся пятницы 13-го

Today, the calendar is an ominous coincidence of the date and day of week: Friday the 13th. Everyone knows that in the day you need to be especially careful — as if something happens! But this, of course, pure superstition. It should be recognized that the notoriety for this date was fixed for a reason.

In the history of Christianity and related Judaism the number 13 is associated with many mysterious and dark circumstances. As you know, these religions grew European culture. Therefore, the countries of the former USSR and the USA established a strong reputation of Friday the 13th as an evil day.

Understand why Friday the 13th is a bad day.

The origins of the superstitions on Friday the 13th

It has long been the number 13 and Friday were considered “unhappy”, and when these two factors coincide, it turns out not unpleasant combination. Researchers believe that the merger of two separate ancient phenomena has occurred around the turn of XIX—XX centuries.

13 has always been considered an unlucky number, and the cited reasons, mainly associated with the Church. For example, Judas was the 13th dinner guest at the last supper of Christ with his apostles, the Day of the Passion fell on the 13th according to the lunar calendar, in the 13th Chapter of revelation speaks about the Antichrist, and in Chapter 13 of John’s gospel — the betrayal of Judas. And this is not only in Christianity, in the Hebrew Kabbalah was 13 Spirits of Evil.

In fact, the dislike of the number 13 can be explained logically. The fact that it’s a Prime number that is not divisible by any other, despite the fact that 13 is not such a small number of something. And neighboring 12 – very comfortable, and it is divisible by 2, 3, and 4, and 6. People began to think that the number 13 is “something wrong”.

As of Friday, this day was the passion of Christ, that is, the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is also believed that on this day, the eve partook of the forbidden fruit and Cain killed his brother Abel

One of the most popular versions of fear of Friday the 13th is associated with historical events, namely the persecution of the knights Templar. It is Friday October 13, 1307 French king Philip IV ordered the arrest of members of the order together with his head. Members of the order accused of heresy, blasphemy and witchcraft, but it was rumored that the French crown had simply decided to appropriate the enormous wealth of the order.

The court was seven years, and in the end the Supreme Master of the order Jacques de Molay, along with other senior members of the order were executed. Master burned alive at the stake, and according to legend, before his death, he cursed the Pope, the king, who was present at the execution, and all its descendants.

It so happened that after a short time he died and the Pope and Philip IV, the three sons of the king succeeded each other on the throne, but none of them did not have a son-an heir that would live up to his father’s death. The throne passed to a younger branch of the dynasty. In addition, due to the many deaths of the heirs the right to the French throne began to challenge the king of England, who was the grandson of Philip IV, the result of which began the hundred years war. All these things only fueled the rumors about the curse of the Master and that Friday the 13th is a cursed day.

Facts about Friday the 13th

There is a separate name for fear of Friday the 13th. She is called paraskavedekatriaphobia – from the Greek words “Friday” and “thirteen.”

Regularly conducted various studies in order to know whether or not this day is unhappy – increases the number of accidents and so on. However, the results obtained are different.

So, the British scientists once thought that Friday the 13 increasing number of car accidents. The following conclusions were made based on observations for one freeway. But the Dutch researchers said that Friday the 13th is safer than other days – largely because superstitious people are trying these days to reduce their actions and seldom leave the house.

By the way, in the US, once calculated that for people who are afraid of Friday the 13th and try to limit their activity these days, the economy suffers losses at 800-900 million dollars.

The phenomenon of Friday the 13th is reflected in contemporary culture. So, there is a series of horror movies with the same name. In addition, some groups of hackers time to this day their attacks.

The events that happened on Friday the 13th

13 Dec 1907 crashed on the rocks the ship “Thomas W. Lawson”, which was considered the largest ship of its class.

13, 1942, occurred the famous naval battle during the battle of Guadacanal, which ended with a crushing defeat of the allies.

13 Oct 1972 at Moscow crashed airliner Il-62, which killed 174 people. At that time it was the largest crash in the world.

October 13, 1972 there was a famous plane crash FH-227 in the Andes. Survivors of the crash (members of the Rugby team) 72 days struggled for life. In order to survive came to cannibalism – the survivors were forced to eat the corpses of the dead. This disaster was the subject of several movies

13 Jan 2012 there was a collapse of the liner Costa Concordia, carrying 4200 passengers and crew members. 32 people were killed. The liner was the biggest in the history of the passenger ship, which crashed.

13 Nov 2015 attacks in Paris. At the same time was committed several attacks: explosions near the stadium “Stade de France”, the shooting of several restaurants and a massacre in the concert hall “Bataclan”. Killed 130 people.

What not to do on Friday the 13th

2018 Friday 13 will be a partial solar Eclipse. It will see in the southern hemisphere. In those days, astrologers are usually recommended to be very careful not to take on large cases.

On this day, they do not recommend starting anything new – there is a risk that all will fail.

Also, superstitious people believe that it is impossible to go to interviews to get a job, to get behind the wheel.

To this day I do not advise to borrow money. In General, it is recommended to be careful with money, and all the expensive purchases to be postponed to another day.

In the list of “prohibitions” — a long trip. It can bring more troubles than good or fun.

The astrologers on this day is not recommended to think about the bad, tune in to the negative, because the energy of Friday the 13th can amplify all the bad things that you have in mind.

It is also believed that it is not necessary in this day to plant trees, otherwise they will not ascend or will not be accepted.


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