Why bury on day 3: the importance of memorial day

For an Orthodox Christian it is easier to survive the loss of caring will zagrebo the fate of the deceased.

Чому ховають на 3 день: важливе значення поминальних днів

Scary and painful to stand in front of the grave, which is about to lower the coffin of a loved one. For an Orthodox Christian it is easier to survive the loss of caring will zagrebo the fate of the deceased. Before 40 days it is especially in need of prayer and remembrance, informs Rus.Media.

Close died. What to do?

Why decided to bury on the 3rd day of the deceased written below. Later we will return to this issue, now need to figure out what to do after the soul of a relative, separated from the body.

Before the dead man was home to burial, in our time it is sent to the morgue. Relatives begin to engage in the sad Affairs, intercede for funerals and memorials. About the soul of the deceased somehow forget or did not attach special significance to her request for help.

According to the words of St. Macarius of Alexandria who received a revelation about the afterlife fates of the shower, for two days, they are in places that were loved in life. The other souls stay at home, and say goodbye invisibly with loved ones who visit the places where they wrought righteousness.

The soul asks for help, but nobody hears her scream. Here is what you need to do after passed into eternal life close person:

  • Pray for the repose of novopeschanaja servant (slaves) of God. The shortest prayer is: “God Rest departed soul of thy servant/handmaid of the deceased (name) and forgive him (her) all the sins voluntary and involuntary, and grant him (her) Thy Heavenly Kingdom”.
  • Be sure to read the Psalter for the repose of the soul. Ideally, read the Psalter over the dead body all night. In connection with sending the deceased to the morgue to read the Psalter over him is not possible. But reading the correspondence has not been canceled.
  • Try to submit notes about the repose in the next few temples. To order prayers for the dead. Speaking of which: it is desirable to represent them in the forty churches and monasteries up to forty days from the date of death.
  • Everything written above applies only to the baptized people. Of suicide or unbaptized are forbidden to mention in the Church and read the Psalter over him.

Why bury on the third day?

Here we come to the question of why the deceased are buried on day 3. As described above, there is a legend about the stay of the soul on earth two following the day of death. She accompanied angel can go wherever you want.

On the third day the soul departs to pay homage to God. Therefore, the deceased are buried on this day, it needs continuous prayers from loved ones.

Чому ховають на 3 день: важливе значення поминальних днів

The funeral

We found out why buried on the 3rd day. The Orthodox person’s funeral before burial. The burial service takes place in Church, it is prayer posluwat about the soul of the deceased. Occurs on the third day, before the legend the body earth. The above written about the need for intensive prayers on this day, what is the reason, we are told.

During the funeral service the Church asks forgive God for forgiveness of sins of the deceased, gifts to him the Kingdom of Heaven. In Polan has the words “with the saints give rest”, they present the evidence written above.

Often at the funeral service are going to people who rarely attend Church. About such usually say: I believe in God in the shower. The service that continues for a long time, is unclear. Relatives shifted from foot to foot, waiting for the end of the funeral. Pray sincerely for the deceased only those to whom he was dear in life.

Чому ховають на 3 день: важливе значення поминальних днів


The above was written, why people are buried on day 3. Left to figure out how to behave at funerals than you can help friends of the deceased.

Be sure to ask for a priest to perform a funeral service or a litany at the grave. It’s not necessary to bring the priest from the Church where the burial service novopeschanaja servant of God. Almost every cemetery has its own Shrine or small chapel, where he served as a priest. You can refer to it.

The biggest help for the soul – a sincere prayer for the repose of her soul. It is very difficult to pray when everything inside is broken from the pain, tears are falling down castle, comes the realization that there, under the ground, will forever remain a road. In earthly life, never to see her.

Rejoice meeting in the life of the future. There is a belief that people posthumously meets with the entire family. And pray for the repose of the soul novopeschanaja, through pain and tears, in addition to a sincere believer of kin to the deceased, no one will help (Church commemorations do not believe).

Чому ховають на 3 день: важливе значення поминальних днів


Why bury on the 3rd day after death, written in the second subsection of the article. Talk about a Wake because so many prejudices and stupidities associated with them that becomes very sad.

Remember that it is strictly forbidden to make Orthodox people:

  • To remember the dead, vodka. Is generally not recommended to drink for the repose of the soul, for it is customary to pray, but not to drink strong drink.
  • From the same series – a glass of vodka covered with a piece of black bread. The deceased is offering is useless, and unclean spirits will be very happy. When we put a glass of bread in front of a photograph of the dead feeding the demons instead of prayer to help the deceased.
  • Sometimes a Wake turn into a regular feast. Relatives and friends of the deceased to discuss the usual topics, forgetting, for some reason, gathered around the table. It does no credit to attend, because their main task – to remember the deceased, to ask God for his forgiveness of sins, the gift of the Kingdom of Heaven.

From the 3rd to 9th day

The title of the article is mentioned on a memorial days, these belong to the 3rd, 9th and 40th.

According to Church tradition, the soul appears in the worship of God on the third day after death. That’s why buried on day 3 of what is written above.

Special care need to be praying for the deceased during the 40 days after the burial. This does not mean that after expiry of the dead forget, pray for the soul regularly, remembering dead relatives during the morning rules, read the Psalms for them. But the first 40 days are the most responsible, so to speak. The soul passes posthumous ordeal, met with the Paradise abodes, examines the hell. On the 40th day she again appears before the Creator that determines its future destiny. You can nurture yourself, the soul can not, there is hope for the loved ones left on earth.

According to the legend from the 3rd to 9th day visits the soul of Paradise, showing her the place prepared for the elect of God. The soul sees the saints, fears and worries about their fate by repenting of sinful conduct time, if any, took place in her life.

Чому ховають на 3 день: важливе значення поминальних днів

From the 9th to the 40th day

Why bury on the 3rd day of the deceased, which days are considered special to commemorate how to behave at the funeral, we found out. The article is nearing completion, we have to find out what happens to the soul, from the 9th to the 40th day after the burial of the body.

There is an opinion that she visits hell, fearing what is happening there. Belatedly lamenting about my sinful life, seeking prayer support from loved ones, to be vouchsafed the heavenly mansions.

The 40th day

The final day that requires a special prayer sighs of the dead, he goes to God. The Creator decides where the soul will go – to heaven or to hell. That’s why you need this day to visit the temple, to file a note of repose, ideally, to serve a memorial service or a litany at the grave. If this is not possible, then do it in the Church.

Чому ховають на 3 день: важливе значення поминальних днів


Readers who live a Christian life and who are in the Church, knew all of the above. For those who rarely attends Church, information about why they bury on day 3 and how to approach the commemoration of the soul from a Christian point of view, will be useful.