Why coffee is contraindicated for chronic fatigue

Почему кофе противопоказан при хронической усталости

And coffee, and chocolate has theobromine — a stimulant which affects vitality, invigorates. Doctors explain that such a provoking cheerfulness is not always good.

Почему кофе противопоказан при хронической усталости

Coffee has a wonderful aroma and gives a boost of energy, however, the invigorating effect passes quickly. However, this drink, especially in large quantities, is very bad effect on those who may have chronic fatigue, who worked without holidays for a long time.
The fact that after a while it just ceases to operate, and the reverse process, when all the fatigue bore down at once. The result is a pendulum effect. It provokes sleep disturbances, migraine.

Coffee stimulates peristalsis, and if there is a tendency to loose stools, it is better to drink tea. He also is a diuretic and leaches calcium from the body. Women in menopause should drink coffee only with milk.

The most dangerous combination of coffee with alcohol. Caffeine facilitates penetration of alcohol to the brain, but some time allows you to maintain clarity of thought. Coffee with cognac can give an interesting effect, the so-called “sober intoxication”: it seems that you can drink more, and his legs no longer hold. But the most dangerous in this combination that it provokes cardiac arrhythmias.

Coffee is great for people suffering from low blood pressure. Most importantly — it needs to be grain.

Alternative to coffee is green tea, too much caffeine, but it acts milder.

As for chocolate, it is the most affordable product that can instantly improve your mood. Especially good bitter. Of course, even with excellent health to abuse chocolate impossible.