Why dermatologists forbid to wash in the shower?

Today let’s talk about why the habit to wash in the shower it is better to get rid of.

Чому дерматологи забороняють вмиватися під душем?

Every day we did not hesitate to commit hundreds of actions. Among them, and water treatment. However, did you know that it is important not only to monitor the cleanliness of their bodies, how to do it right. For example, each of us has habits of taking a shower. Some people like to start the procedure from shampooing, while others prefer to wash their hair last. A lot of those who often washes directly into the shower. But is it possible to do so? It seems that this may not be anything wrong. However, experts believe otherwise. Today let’s talk about why the habit to wash in the shower it is better to get rid of, informs Rus.Media.

Dermatologists from the United States as the main reason why you should not wash your face in the shower, that the temperature of the water we use for cleaning is usually much higher than when we just wash over the sink. Hot water is very harmful to the skin and can cause irritation, so even if you shower after an intense workout and you find it hard to hold back, not to wash, try not to do it.

The hotter the water, the stronger it acts on the face. Washing with a large volume of hot water can lead to excess pigment or, on the contrary, skin discoloration.

In addition it is not necessary to stick your face under the jets of water from a watering can shower under the strong pressure. Such exposure to water can cause irritation and various injuries.

Moreover cleanser while taking a shower increases the time of the procedure, thus increasing the amount of water that falls on the whole body. Dermatologists recommend not to wash more than 10 minutes.

However, if for some reason you can’t break this habit, try to wash not hot, but warm water, not to touch the skin with a loofah.