Why do children have to go to bed at 21:30

The rule for parents!

Чому діти повинні лягати спати о 21:30

In childhood we often heard from my parents the phrase: “Nine o’clock in the morning. Time for bed!” But everything changes, informs Rus.Media.

If earlier at 21:00 we have already seen the tenth dream, the modern child is just starting to wear pajamas. And then – “don’t want”.

Why do children have to go to bed at 21:30:

The child should go to bed early! And don’t argue. Otherwise time for the production of growth hormone will be quite a bit. If she goes to sleep at 21:00, the growth hormone goes in the blood at 00:30 hours.

According to the research, children with a proper mode of sleep better able to focus and remember the material. They are less likely to get Alzheimer’s in old age. Why?

According to doctors, the disease can be slowed down: if you get enough sleep and exercise.

It is clear that the parents work all day and only in the evening can pay attention to the child. But inadequate sleep will certainly affect his health, both physical and mental.

How to change habits and to teach the child to go to bed early?

Start with yourself. Give the child a personal example. Before you go to bed with her. Because if it’s after hours will hear your voices, TV noise, etc., that will automatically make the conclusion that sleep is optional.

Another option is read the child to sleep. So she will know that if mom or dad read the book, so it’s almost time to go to bed.

To prepare the child for sleep, turn on a warm yellow light according to psychologists, it helps to prepare for the transition to the world of dreams.

Another tip – turn off and remove from sight all the gadgets. Including constantly checking the phone or tablet in the middle of the night, you show a bad example to children, they will copy your bad habits.

Do not forget about sport. After an intense workout, or mobile game and is much easier.

Do not neglect these rules. Habit early in childhood will give good fruits in the future such children will become confident, physically and emotionally healthy adults.

If your child asks why it is so important to go to bed early, say, “Because I won’t grow up!”