Why do children keep quiet about their problems

Psychologists have called 6 reasons.

Чому діти мовчать про свої проблеми

Bullying at school, sexual and psychological violence – all of this children may have to face. Those who lived through it prefer not to tell mom and dad, and especially not to ask for their help.

The child confided their problems to parents from early childhood they have to build a warm relationship. Otherwise the kids will keep quiet about their problems, because they will be afraid that:

Чому діти мовчать про свої проблеми

They will cry or start beating. If the child is shouting for small problems, for example, she broke a Cup or got a bad grade in school, a serious problem can cause a large flash of anger at my parents – believe the children and prefer to remain silent, informs Rus.Media.

They do not want to disappoint parents. If children do not feel an adult stem from parents if they see that they are not able to cope in an adult way with their emotions and problems, they are unable to rely on them in difficult times and to trust their own problems.

They are afraid of rejection and accusations. If you are repeating to your child that she is guilty in some small troubles, then do not expect it will come to you with serious trouble.

Чому діти мовчать про свої проблеми

They are afraid that they will not be believed. If the parents take the side of another person in the conflict, such as a teacher or tutor and do not believe the words of a child, with big problems, they will be afraid to come to mom and dad. In any situation, parents should stay on the side of the child and to better support a child in a lie, than to be left alone with the problems in a dangerous moment.

Fear of excessive control by parents. If at any story the children receive from their parents a ton of instructions and tips, they will not come to them with a big problem, because those can’t be just a supportive listener.

Children never talked with their parents about these topics. Parents should not hesitate to talk with your child on any topic: bullying, sex, violence. You also need to remind the children that in a difficult situation you can help and what you need to speak to you.