Why do houseplants dry leaf tips: the main causes

Dry air – that’s what I think from growers. But it’s not just the humidity.

Чому в кімнатних рослин сохнуть кінчики листя: головні причини

This problem was faced at least once in the life of every grower. This happens regardless of whether he throws begonias, roses, Spathiphyllum or orchids. The flowers in pots do not show other symptoms that are alarming, they continue to grow and delight flowering, informs Rus.Media.

There are other reasons why leaves flowers dry ends. The leaves of indoor plants often wither in the autumn-winter period.You should understand why houseplants dry leaf tips, whether it evokes the danger and how to get rid of the defect. The most common cause of this problem is improper care or reaction to the activity of harmful organisms. Also we should not exclude the natural aging of the plants. The latter, of course, can be delayed. It is necessary to create favorable conditions for flower.

Causes of dry

Any plant with its appearance demonstrates the health. If it is exposed to any discomfort, or it does not suit the conditions of detention, the first pathological changes occur on the leaves. To fix the problem, you should find out the main reason why dry tips of the leaves to the flowers.

The problems can be following:

  • The room is too dry. It is often the lack of moisture is a provocateur drying of the sheet plate. This process starts with tips.
  • Watering of ornamental plants of poor quality water. This problem is reduced to glaze colors is not to defend or hard water.
  • The soil in the pot is highly supersaturated.
  • Fertilizers used for feeding are used incorrectly. And the reason why the plants dry leaf tips may be a lack of fertilizers and their excess.
  • Sunburn. In this case, the edges of the leaves begin to deform and turn brown. However, if the solar beam falls in the middle of the sheet at this station there is a brown spot.
  • The room is very high temperature.
  • The root system is excessively expanded, the result is free space in the pot is filled with roots. In this case there is a violation of the power of the flower.
  • The development of diseases.
  • In a flower pot appeared parasites.


To find out the reason why houseplants dry leaf tips, it is necessary to diagnose the condition of the flower. The complexity of the procedure is that often the search for the cause is necessary to conduct a process of elimination.

First we need to make sure that depression is not caused by pests. Their favorite place – shoots and underside of leaves. There they hide, so you need to inspect these places carefully. The roots can also be parasites. But do not hurry with the check. Perhaps the reason lies elsewhere, and the root system is damaged it is useless.

Then it is necessary to evaluate the hardness of the water used for irrigation. If tap water is not advocated before watering, the plant may experience discomfort from the high content of impurities of fluoride, salts and other heavy substances that alter the characteristics of the soil substrate and make uncomfortable for a green pet.

You must also compare the schedule that made the fertilizer with the recommended scheme of support. The reason why the room dry leaf tips can be a frequent or, on the contrary, liquid fertilizing.

To measure air humidity and to assess whether it is suitable for different types of plants. You need to analyze if there is enough space for the plant in the pot. The roots from the drainage holes of the pot, can be one of the warning signs.

You should also determine the moisture content of the substrate, its degree of drying. This can be done both personally and with the help of special indicators, which are sold in flower shops.

If a deviation from the norm were detected in only one paragraph, the reasons for the drying of the ends to eliminate in this case will be easy. But if the preceding analysis revealed several issues that will have to resort to complex measures.

How to fix the situation

If plants that are grown at home, the leaves dry, and why this is happening, couldn’t figure out to save the plant will be able to timely and correct actions. Therefore, you should always check the condition of the flower. Regardless of the reasons why the plant dry leaf tips, it will not prevent an ambulance, which is as follows

  • Replace with fresh substrate surface layer of the soil. This will reduce the risk of infection and get rid of salt deposits.
  • Clean the leaves from dust. For plants with tender leaves, this can be done using the shower. For more dense leaves, which are not prone to mechanical damage, you can use a soft cloth.
  • The change in humidity. This can be done using spraying, humidifier or normal water containers that is mounted next to the flower.
  • To review the principles of care. You should make sure that the plant receives all the necessary. Each flower has its individual characteristics, therefore, the care program had to be individualized.