Why do I need to change clothes immediately after coming home

It turns out that if you continue to walk home in street clothes can seriously harm your health.

Чому потрібно переодягатися відразу прийшовши додому

Returning home, we immediately go to change clothes. We do so from childhood. And it is not in strictness of parents who forced us to do it all the time and not in the rules of etiquette or any of the traditions. It turns out that if you continue to walk home in street clothes can seriously harm their health, informs Rus.Media.

The main threat of the body – the dust of the road. Between the dust generated on urban roads, and that remains on the soles and clothing after a walk in the woods, a field, there is a big difference. One of the reasons for the formation of dust on the roads of settlements – friction tires on the asphalt. For this reason, in this dust contains many hazardous particles of metals such as zinc and aluminum. Therefore, in hot and dry weather the person becomes difficult to breathe.

In addition to clothing and shoes that you were outside, can be not less dangerous bacteria. Recently, American scientists have found that the sole can live Listeria is a microorganism that triggers the development of listeriosis. This disease is especially dangerous for pregnant women because it can cause miscarriage.

Meningitis – a disease that can befall a person through Listeria. This disease manifests as inflammation of the membranes as the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis recognize is not difficult. Patients get a severe headache, it is difficult to see in bright light and very hard to keep the neck straight.

Encephalitis – is no less dangerous disease that affects the brain, the cause of which may be Listeria. Symptoms are fainting, nausea, epileptic fits and constant desire to sleep.

Not necessarily that you will encounter one of the above diseases, if not snma jeans, which were at work or walk around the house in street shoes. However, you should know that in such moments you are putting your health at risk.