Why do we feel a sense of shame

Почему мы испытываем чувство стыда 

The feeling of shame is familiar to all except that people with lesions of the frontal lobe of the brain. These people are deprived of critical thinking in relation to their actions, and at the same time, there is an inability to control their own actions and emotions. Why feeling shame is normal.After any from our point of view is wrong action awakened in us a moral censor — conscience, which starts its activities on the observance of high morals.It happens that the conscience awakens in the conditions of any action when the person did nothing wrong. For example, a person can cover the shame of failure to comply with rules of conduct in society. That is, we might confuse the fact that we are very different from others.The society also decided not to look into the eyes of strangers. Such rules are nowhere to be found, but most people hesitate when they are being watched. This, according to the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, is due to the fact that somebody else sees us as the object gives us, judges us.We feel a sense of shame for different reasons. Sometimes we are ashamed of other people that fall under our responsibility. So we are ashamed for our relatives when, in our opinion, they have done something unfavorable. To describe the feeling of shame for the ridiculous or stupid actions other people have a particular idea in common parlance they are called Finnish or Spanish shame.Shame is an integral part of our lives, it should not be embarrassed and try to deal with it. It is important to separate the false shame from the present. We don’t have to experience this feeling, we must remember that shame is responsible for the regulation of our conduct.