Why do women often want to cry

Find out the causes and learn how to act in such a situation.

Чому жінкам часто хочеться поплакати

Tears – a form of manifestation of emotions. But what if I want to cry too often? Find out the causes and learn how to act in such a situation, informs Rus.Media.

What we usually cry

To begin, consider the natural causes are:

  • Manipulation. Control others in this way begins to settle even as a child, and if a person, as an adult, finds other methods of manipulation that continues to use crying.
  • Negative emotions: resentment, anger, anger, despair and so on. Tears in such cases help to throw out all the negative and not to hoard it to yourself, protects the nervous system.
  • Happiness is very vivid emotions. So, some crying and in such cases, for example, when experience the joy of seeing something beautiful.
  • Pain: both physical and emotional, for example, because of an injury, or a break with a loved one.
  • Persistent failure. The black bars are in everyone’s life and sometimes just unsettle and tired.

Why the urge to cry arises constantly

With tearfulness faced by many women, and its causes may be the following:


If you are constantly tired and at the end of the day literally fall exhausted, this will be a huge burden to the nervous system. Tears will be a specific protective mechanism to ensure discharge.

Frequent stress

Some people are able to come out of any stressful situations and keep composure even under unforeseen and unwanted events. But at home alone with yourself or loved ones emotions still prevail, in tears.

Experienced psychological trauma

If something happened that unsettled and made to feel the psychological pain, the brain can scroll through these events again and again, forcing you to worry and experience negative emotions. Memories are often accompanied by crying.

Hormonal disruptions

Hormones regulate the internal organs and are responsible for the emotional state. If the balance of these substances is disturbed, the person may suffer from mood swings, depression, aggression, tearfulness.

Excessive sentimentality, sensitivity

Some people take everything to heart and literally feel the emotions of others. Such traits lead to tearfulness.


So, often the urge to cry is one of the symptoms of pregnancy, occurs in pregnant women, which may react with tears, even in ordinary things and events.


Other symptoms – apathy, unwillingness to do anything, detachment, absence of interest to surrounding events.

It is helpful to cry

Crying is actually useful and necessary, and psychologists advise to do it even men. Ashamed of tears is not necessary, because they provide a discharge of the nervous system, help to vent negative emotions, relieve stress and relax. Woman crying in front of her husband (of course, not every day) unconsciously shows that she is weaker, that means she needs protection, support. The partner will realize that I should appreciate a companion and not to offend her for nothing.

Tears serve other important functions: to moisturize the mucous membranes of the eyes and protect them from exposure to environmental factors, have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action on the eyes, trying to clear tear ducts that excrete toxins, remove unwanted small objects and even contain special substances that help relieve stress (when they are crying through negative emotions).

How to hold back the tears, if the situation does not allow you to cry

What to do if you really want to cry, but now no way to show emotions:

  1. Try to switch the attention to something else, for example, a new outfit colleagues, the view outside the window, music, TV.
  2. Think about positive things: a future vacation, a meeting with a loved one, a delicious dinner waiting for you at home.
  3. Turn on the logic and try to look at the situation differently. Yeah, it’s hard, but by making an effort, and soberly assess the situation, you can come to the realization that events are not worth your negative emotions.
  4. If you can’t, apologize and get off to a solitary place to cry, to freshen up and gather strength.

How to deal with constant crying

If the urge to cry arises too often, it is possible and necessary to struggle:

Contact your doctor and get tested. Probably crying cause failure, and the specialist can recommend you a hormonal drug, designed to eliminate imbalances and to establish the background.

Learn to control your emotions. Master the techniques of relaxation, for example, concentrate on breathing, abstracted from events, get distracted, keep your negative feelings, give yourself installation to calm, meditate, priivate mantras and so on.

If you are tired, just relax. Take a break and for a time forget about work and responsibilities. Embark on a vacation, a change of scenery or simply spend a few days at home, disconnecting the phone and doorbell (don’t forget to pre-warn the family that they are not worried).

Depression antidepressants and the support of loved ones. After a serious psychological trauma will be useful for a psychologist or therapist who will help you to go through all the worst and accept what happened.