why does France not yet have vaccinodromes?

    why does France not yet have vaccinodromes?

    The Covid-19 vaccination center in Tennessee, United States, is always full. The expectation is the same in Israel, where an average of 115,000 people come to be vaccinated every day in public centers. In Germany, the vaccination campaign has also started in vaccinodromes. They will be 440 at the end of January.

    France did not make this choice, because a third of deaths take place in nursing homes. The Haute Autorité de Santé wanted to vaccinate this priority public directly in establishments. Added to this caution is the failure of the vaccinodromes that were deployed in 2009 during the H1N1 flu. Only 20% of the population had moved. For Anne-#Claude Crémieux, professor of infectious diseases and member of the Academy of Medicine, if we want maximum vaccination coverage, these structures will be essential, especially because they “will be able to receive a large audience“. The Minister of Health announced the opening of the first mass vaccination centers before the beginning of February.

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