Why does my cat sleep a lot?

If you take the time period, cats sleep on average, 15-16 hours per day and, most interestingly, even in the last 8-9 hours, they can doze off.

Чому кішки багато сплять?

How many sleeping cats

Let’s start with a fun fact: why do cats sleep so much, scientists are still not completely understood. But they can say with full confidence that this is perfectly normal. A healthy cat can spend in the sleep minimum 12 hours a day and some are able to sleep a total of 22 hours. If you count, it turns out that 9-year-old cat had a dream 6 years of my life!

The only explanation for why cats sleep so much, lies in the lifestyle of their ancestors. Wild cats – lonely predators, deprived of the instinct of the pack: they catch their prey, and then rest for its digestion. In this way time and domestic cats sleep all the time, nothing that is not hunted. By the way, the stray cats sleep less as they constantly need to monitor their safety and spend time in search of food. Less than usual, sleeping, and cats that live in suburban homes and spend time in nature: they consider it their duty to monitor its territory and to protect her to the best of their ability, informs Rus.Media.

When a sleeping cat

The day of cats, as a rule, different from the human: the day the cat is constantly sleeping, curled up, and in the night, lead an active lifestyle. It makes little sense to expend energy on something to fix this situation, but to humor cat in her nightly antics not worth it: if you decide once to feed her at five in the morning, be prepared for the fact that she repeats the trick again and again continuing to lift you up at night.

How to change the sleep time with age

Newborn kitten spends in sleep almost all the time, waking only for feeding. When the kittens get stronger, they have their eyes and they begin to crawl around mom and take her first steps – then the duration of sleep, of course, reduced. Kittens who have grown up sleeping for 12 hours, rest of time spending in games and knowledge of the world. Cat duration of sleep decreases throughout life. Older cats sleep less, because they are generally less mobile: a slow metabolism leads to less leisure needs.

Phase cat sleep

During the day you feel that the cat is sleeping almost constantly, but if you look closely, you can see that she is in fact keenly watching the situation around: the ears react to the sounds that are heard, as if something strange is happening, then immediately opens his eyes.

In fact, the dream of cats is divided into two phases: fast and slow sleep. Slow sleep is the so-called snooze: a cat lies quietly, curled in a ball, her slow breathing, heartbeat and other body processes. In this phase, the cat is about 20 to 30 minutes, followed by “fast”, more deep sleep. It lasts 5-7 minutes, and at this time, the cat can wiggle his ears, pull tabs, and even to make some sounds. Alternate REM and NREM sleep on indicators in General, the phases coincide in humans and cats, so it is believed that during REM sleep the cat, like people, have dreams.

Changes in sleep

There are factors that can influence how much sleep cats. For example, during hot weather sleep time is also increasing: the dream the cats compensates for the increase in body temperature. Pregnant cat starts to sleep over her physical activity during this period reduced naturally by allowing the expectant mother to relax.