Why don’t people look into each other’s eyes

Почему люди не смотрят друг другу в глаза 

Many believe that if a person does not look you in the eye, he is definitely hiding something. However, according to studies, there is a scientific reason why people are simply not able to look into each other’s eyes during the whole conversation. Read more about it, says Rambler.The fact that the human brain cannot find the right words and to focus on the face of the interlocutor. This is especially noticeable when we have to speak a foreign language that we do not know.
For the first time about it with full confidence, said Japanese scientists in 2016. Through experiments they found that eye contact stutter cognitive function. Here’s how the experts explain it:“Though eye contact and verbal processing seem to be independent, people often avert their eyes from the interlocutors during a conversation. This suggests that the two processes there is a connection”.The study revealed that the volunteers needed more time to find the words, when they make eye contact. But this was only when it was about complex verbal associations.

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