Why during pregnancy can not be nervous?

During pregnancy, doctors advise to control their emotions, which can be negative.

Чому під час вагітності не можна нервувати?

A lot of people know that in times of stress when we perceive a large number of negative emotions, our body has a hard time. If this occurs during pregnancy, it will suffer and the baby, who is in the womb. If a pregnant woman is experiencing depression, it will directly affect the health of the baby. Expectant mothers know that their stress is not highly desirable, but not always know why, informs Rus.Media.

When a woman finds out that waits for the desired child, in this period, she was overwhelmed with feelings of joy that she will give to a little person’s life. If we consider the pregnancy, then we can conclude that this condition is stressful and emotional.

During pregnancy, every woman feels different surges of hormones. It was during this period, doctors suggest to control your emotions, which can be positive or negative. This is necessary in order to reduce the amount of stress to the nervous system women. But unfortunately, to achieve this extremely difficult, but you can try to minimize these emotional outbursts.

So why not to be nervous during pregnancy?

When a pregnant woman begins to experience negative emotions like irritability and anger, and her hormones as it. Hence may increase the level of certain hormones that will negatively affect future child. When the child is still in the womb and has venous network, all of these hormones have a negative impact, they begin to accumulate in the amniotic fluid that the baby swallows and thus gets all the negativity. All this may be a result of the fact that the child may be born with defects of the cardiovascular system.

When the mother during pregnancy was constantly nervous, was in a state of perpetual irritability and depression, then the born child may suffer from asthma. Especially it is expressed to be leaking in the first years of a child’s life. This conclusion was made by scientists who have observed the condition of pregnant women. When the mother during pregnancy suffered from insomnia, and her child in the first year of life may be irritable, Moody, and have disorders associated with sleep.

Quite often nervousness may serve the fact that women could have a miscarriage. This usually happens in the first three or four months of pregnancy. Still, if mom is very restless and moving, then the probability that the baby will be born hyperactive and will have problems with the nervous system.

When is the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby will already be able to feel the mood of the mother, as well as its shift. So nervous during pregnancy is not recommended. It was in this period due to the stress in a child can occur vasoconstriction, which may affect what the child will have a condition called hypoxia. In other words, the child will develop very slowly.

Now you know why you can not be nervous during pregnancy. It only remains to make every effort to keep yourself in peace. Try to enlist the support of friends, don’t try to control everything and everyone, often ask for help, listen more to relaxing music, walk on the street. Save your nerves, but your child.

And future dads can be advised to take more care of the pregnant woman, to create around it a peaceful atmosphere, to make surprises. What could be easier, one call and immediately deliver flowers to fill the house with your favorite aroma. Remains to light the candles, turn on soothing music and spend a nice romantic evening together.