Why exploding pancakes? How to avoid mistakes?

When your account is not one stack of flavorful pancakes, the eye will see the right consistency of the dough and its behaviour during cooking.

Чому рвуться млинці? Як уникнути помилок?

Decided to cook a big stack of pancakes, enough for everybody. But what if time after time the dish turns out “lumpy”, and pancakes are torn, consider the article, informs Rus.Media.

Why exploding pancakes

The reasons may lie in the quality of the test, and as dishes in which the dish is to prepare. Consider what errors in the prescription can cause exploding pancakes.

A lot of sugar

Per Cup of liquid is enough 4 tbsp of sugar. If you add more, the temperature, the sugar will begin to melt and stick to the pan. Pancakes should not be boring, and a little sweet. Especially if you cook them as a versatile option for both savoury and sweet fillings.

Little egg

That pancake was thin and flexible, it must be sufficiently binding protein. Eggs perform this function. If they are not enough according to the recipe or use smaller instances, the result will be poor – these pancakes are torn and stick to the pan.

Not enough flour

The correct batter for pancakes liquid is the key to thin crust. But it is important not to overdo it with the liquid, otherwise, when the moisture evaporates, turn the pancake without loss is impossible.

In addition to a wrong test result impact the use and quality of kitchen utensils.

Bad pan

For pancakes long ago invented a special frying pan with low sides and quick heating. If you want to cook, this cookware will solve a lot of problems. But a delicious dish can make an ordinary Teflon pan.

But the ceramic pans, or the old RUB-off coating set aside for other things. They need to pour a lot of oil, which spoils the taste and harmful to the body. Otherwise, the crepes tear when turning.

Low oil temperature

If you hurry up and pour the batter onto the warm pan, then, firstly, it is not clutch and will be spread. And secondly, he will begin to absorb excess fat that will not properly grilled pancake. In the end, the shoot will have to scrape them off the pan, otherwise it just breaks.

What if pancakes are torn

If crepes tear when frying but the dough of normal consistency, then it is likely the case in the Sahara. Add a pinch of salt, 1 egg and flour, bring the liquid to desired thickness. In dairy basis, do not forget to add hydrated soda, because it also helps to keep the shape.

Add a couple of eggs if the pancake is not unstuck from the pan, but breaks when you turn. For 1 egg you can add half a tablespoon of flour to the dough does not get too runny.

Чому рвуться млинці? Як уникнути помилок?

Density correct dough resembles fermented baked milk or fat yogurt. From the thick dough out thick, like pancakes-pancakes. And quite liquid, and not a new skillet to fry or break very hard. Add to the dough a little vegetable oil – it helps the pancakes easier to move away from the vessel.

If no suitable pan is on fire procult available with a teaspoon of salt, then dry it and pour the oil for frying. Before you pour the batter into a pancake, apply a little bit and check the temperature. If a drop has formed and beginning to darken at the edges, the oil is sufficiently hot.

How to avoid mistakes

In such a delicate matter as cooking pancakes, there are 3 important components:

  • a proven recipe;
  • experience;
  • accuracy.

If your environment is an expert in this matter, take her prescription. Until there is enough experience in counting the ingredients on the eyes, use a kitchen scale. It is inexpensive, but very necessary and convenient in cooking thing.

When your account is not one stack of flavorful pancakes, the eye will see the right consistency of the dough and its behaviour during cooking. For now, use tested recipes and exact measurements.