why France ordered 200 million doses of vaccine

    why France ordered 200 million doses of vaccine

    The first vaccinations will take place from the last week of December across Europe in the wake of the marketing authorizations. France has ordered 200 million doses of vaccine, announced Prime Minister Jean Castex. Some people wonder: you need two doses per person and the hexagon has only 67 million inhabitants. So why has the government aimed so broadly?

    The state has indeed ordered something to vaccinate 100 million people. France thus has a potential surplus of 33 million doses, and even more, since not everyone will be vaccinated.

    The government has taken these precautions to deal with potential hazards : for example, doses that would no longer be usable because they would not have been stored in the right conditions. Remember that the vaccine from the Pfizer laboratory must be stored at -70 °. Once distributed in nursing homes and thawed, it has five days of validity.

    A surplus that will not be lost

    Another conceivable difficulty: Europe has ordered six vaccines from six laboratories. These products will hit the market later this year, and authorities may realize that some are less effective that others. Hence the reserves of vaccines that best protect against coronavirus disease.

    Note that the surplus will not be lost since the French authorities will be able to give them away or resell them. to third countries, a process provided for in the contract.

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