Why gel Polish do not wear more than 3 weeks

There is a limit and, despite the high cycle life gel Polish long-wearing.

Чому гель-лак не можна носити більше 3 тижнів

Gel Polish make life easier for our manicure, he delights us with his perfection, not 2-3 days, but much longer.

Now we drop all the talk about the fact that nails need to rest. Themselves technology firms-manufacturers of coatings advised to wear gel Polish no longer than 3 weeks (4 weeks is a very extreme term, which will not pass without consequences), informs Rus.Media.

Not only that Draclau nails gel Polish looks ugly. It is not necessary to forget and about the zone of stress of the nail – the place where the nail breaks often.

To find out where on your nails area of stress, click on its free edge (it is important that the nails were without any coverage) so that the top part of the nail turned white. So, the zone of stress is the line between pink and pabllo part of the nail. Mostly she shifted closer to the cuticle area.

Nail artist you don’t just strikes the base-coating-top, and forms the architecture of the nail, which allows for longer wearing coating. The right architecture will allow you to break a nail in the first weeks of socks because the stress area of the nail be erected closer to the base of the nail.

However! With the growth of nails shifted and the zone of stress towards the edge of the nail. Thereby increases the risk of breaking the nail together with the cover. Building a broken nail is more expensive than to enroll in a manicure. Keep the gel Polish should be no longer than 3 weeks.

Чому гель-лак не можна носити більше 3 тижнів

In addition to the displacement of the zone of stress and unsightly looking nails, there is another problem of “delayed” coating – delamination regrown nail at the base.

This problem often occurs if the manicure and coating, made of poor quality, and appears in 1-1,5 weeks since applying gel Polish: the nail grows, the edge of the cover at the base begins to move away from the cuticle and between cuticle and “departed” the edge of the cover is formed a place of detachment, which then becomes clogged with dirt, dust, water and other muck.

Also in the “perenesenko” coverage (now we are talking about wear for more than 3 weeks) appear to delamination and air pockets, there are moist environment that serves as a resort area for the pathogenic microflora. In other words, the fungus to multiply’ll like it there.