Why hot tea is dangerous for health

In fact, drinking hot tea is dangerous for health and we, of course, explain why.

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Hot tea is loved by many, especially when after a hard day back from a cold, where the second day -15. Then there is the desire to drink something hot, preferably almost boiling water. But actually this tea is very harmful for health and can bring not only to the pressure jump, but also destroy tooth enamel and cause bleeding from the nose, informs Rus.Media.

Hot tea and bleeding

Everyone knows that heat makes objects expand. This applies to vessels of our body. In the cold the blood vessels constrict, trying to keep the body warm as long as possible. And if you directly from the cold brew a tea and drink without waiting for it to cool down – creates an additional burden on vessels. The temperature drop of blood from the nose can go without tea, but the hot steam from the Cup can eastonite vessels to the limit, and also – to cause burns.

Hot tea leads to destruction of bones and teeth

Hot tea forms a fluoride which is absorbed very quickly. But fluoride is also in tooth enamel and toothpastes that we use every day. In large quantities fluoride is very harmful to the integrity of the hard tissues of the human body and destroys the teeth and bone in its uncontrolled use.

The tea can not drink more than five cups a day in order to avoid osteoporosis due to excess fluoride.

Tea damages the liver

In tea, especially strong, contains a great level of fineness, which in itself is a stress on vessels and heart. However, teas with ingredients – chamomile, mother and stepmother, Melissa, etc., contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids. It is plant toxins, which are produced during flowering. And although their dose of tea is small, still it can affect the liver.

So, if you really love chamomile tea, lemon balm or mint – moderate fervor and dose. By the way, pregnant women and nursing best of all herbal tea from the diet to exclude.

And most importantly, remember that the tea should infuse up to 10 minutes, then it will be all perfect, both taste and temperature.