Why hot-tempered people tend to overestimate their intelligence

Почему вспыльчивые люди склонны переоценивать свой интеллект 

Often hot-tempered people is very difficult to prove the fact that they are wrong. This is because in anger they tend to overestimate their intelligence. “Rambler” managed to find out what has caused this behavior.Illusory specicity the University of Warsaw and the University of Western Australia conducted a study among the 528 volunteers. Participants were asked to complete the questionnaire and to assess their own intelligence on a 25-point scale, and then pass an IQ test. It turned out that people who are prone to anger, was subject to the so-called “illusion of Narcissus.” Thus, the subjects overestimated their ability and attributed his non-existent achievements. Study co-author Marcin Sienkowski explained: anger differs from other negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety or melancholy, as irritation give people confidence. Sometimes people experiencing negative emotions, can not cope with them and become aggressive, which increases the amount of adrenaline and encourages you to make risky moves.All of gotow the time, as the person experiences the whole range of negative emotions, in his body there are dozens of processes, making it difficult for him to soberly assess the situation and everything in General. Feelings of anger causes a strong reaction in the amygdala — the area of the brain that governs instincts related to survival. It is the functionality of the tonsils is responsible for the manifestation of the survival instinct in humans. The amygdala sends alarm signals to other areas of the brain, which increases blood flow to the limbs and heart. The person feels energized and recharged real “hormonal cocktail”. In a state of rage is the release of stress hormones — cortisol, adrenaline and testosterone that prepares the body to respond to an emergency situation — either to fight or to flee. With such a strong charge, even the human brain can not distinguish colors and do not respond to external sources of influence. With such a strong influence, you feel invincible and able to move mountains. Accordingly, such a false sense leads to their own errors, describing your skills.What is OpenOffice over-confidence as one of the most common and potentially dangerous errors of thinking. Perhaps it provokes lawsuits, wars and collapses of the stock market. This same effect is often the cause of business failure, the failure of the projects and failure forecasts.

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