Why is it dangerous to jump-start someone else’s car

What threatens the owner is a good thing — roadside assistance in the winter.

Чому небезпечно «прикурювати» чуже авто

In the bitter cold a lot of cars or remain in place until warmer weather, or they give birth with the help of a “booster” from the battery of another car. However, such manifestations superskogo brotherhood can backfire for those drivers who do good, informs Rus.Media.

At least once in your life to jump-start a car of the neighbor that refuses to wind up frosty morning, had, most likely, the majority of motorists.

However, few of them suspects that this may result in the following problems in the electronics of their cars. There were also cases when a sensitive driver is in the process of helping start the frozen car colleagues felt and material losses. What threatens the owner is a good thing – roadside assistance – in the winter? First, the problems with its own machine after the procedure, the “booster”.

During the Soviet era Zhiguli primarypale. Drove another “automobile”, connected battery to battery start the car, the driver pressed the gas pedal, keeping engine speed in the area of 2000-3000 thousand a minute, and in the meantime tried to start the car with a dead battery. And no problems for anyone then this procedure did not bring, for motors cars were carbureted, and from the electronics in the car were, at best, only a cassette radio.

Now the machines are literally all functions are “tied” to the electronic components. A lot of motorists “light” their car stuffed with electronics almost as it did 30 years ago. While the electronics are a donor experiencing powerful surges – when the grid auto-“receiver” of energy at the moment of launching begins to literally “eat”.

The worst thing here is that these shock loads more often, impact not immediately but after a few “primaryphone”. And the good-natured owner then does not understand why it is the engine control unit of his car began to give out a bunch of “mistakes” or failed or that the relay or the electronic unit?! And all of that was necessary before starting the engine “frozen” machines to drown out your engine. Sincere human desire to help fellow-motorist who is trying in the winter to start the engine of your car, and can turn the frankly criminal situation.

Most of all, just note that this happens on the side of a busy road or street. You see the poor driver with the wires in his hands, who “vote” the car with the raised hood. All clear – the man can’t start and asks for help from passing. You stop and offer their help, not knowing that you are only lured into a criminal trap. While you are with the “poor guy” trying to make his gig, his partner penetrates unnoticed into an unlocked cabin of your car and steals your bag with a purse and documents, a gadget or other valuables. After that “saved” the motorist thanks for the help and dissolves away, and you remain aware of the fact that you blatantly ripped off.