Why is it important to regularly change bedding

New York microbiologist advises a weekly change of bed.

Чому важливо регулярно міняти постільну білизну

A microbiologist from new York University Philip Thierno said that our bed is a “Botanical garden”, full of bacteria and fungi. reports Rus.Media.

A warm and moist environment that is created in the bed, ideal for breeding fungi.

During sleep our body not so resting, it secretes sweat, saliva, sputum, dead skin cells, secretions from the vagina and anus.

And if to consider that in our bed “Botanical garden”, it turns out we share a bed with alien bacteria from pet hair, pollen, dust, residues of faeces of dust mites and so on. Deposits build up and if not to change the linen, it may lead to allergic rhinitis and coughing, as the man actually breathes with all those microbes that live in your bed.

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