Why is Kylie Jenner living with a friend?

Почему Кайли Дженнер живет с подругой?

The reality star had an affair with the rapper in April 2017, and only after 10 months, the lovers become parents. However, Kylie Jenner is in no hurry to let the boyfriend in our own apartment. It became known that the popular brunette lives with his girlfriend who, incidentally, is a fashion model plus-size. In addition the young mother said that 20-year-old jordyn woods – the main inspirer and admirer. “All my beauty products I’m testing for a friend. Therefore, we have decided that we will be more comfortable living under the same roof. Because I don’t have to call her whenever you need assistance. And without jordyn, I can’t do it alone,” admitted Kylie.

Writes storinka.com.ua now Travis Scott is preparing for a European tour. In the beloved Jenner is located in the prestigious area of Los Angeles, close to the estate Kylie. But despite the separation, the couple of celebrities are often seen together. By the way, a few days ago, the rapper was present at the photo shoot lady for the fashion house “Louis Vuitton”, which was held in Paris. It is noteworthy that the joint baby also lives with a famous mother. However, Jenner armed with a staff of servants, who help to care for the heiress.

Recall that the birth of his first son inspired Kylie to create 2 new collections of cosmetics. Also, the family business was joined by older sister Kourtney. It turned out that the mother of many children helped Kylie in the development of new popular shades of matte lipsticks. In addition, the young designer said that during testing, hands jordyn decorated with numerous remnants shadow, blush and other products. By the way, Kim Kardashian also produces their own line of cosmetics.


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