Why is March 15, you need to refrain from entertainment and to eat only 1 time a day

Folk festival “Fedot Vetrans”. If “Fedot evil — don’t be a grass”

Чому 15 березня потрібно утримуватися від розваг та їсти всього 1 раз на день

Folk festival “Fedot Veterans” celebrated on the 15th of March (old style – March 2).

In the Orthodox calendar is the day of commemoration of the Holy Martyr Theodotos Kiryakova, Bishop. Other names of the feast: “Theodora is a snowdrift”, “Fedot spring”, “Winds-wichrowe”.

The people called the Holy Metronoom because in his party there were strong winds.

The birthplace of St. Theodotos, the city of Galatia in Asia Minor, but his whole life was spent in Cyprus in Kyrenia. When he just arrived in Cyprus, the force of his preaching he was able to convert to the Christian religion many of the Gentiles. For that the clergy of Cyprus awarded him the highest priestly dignity. In the beginning of the fourth century began the persecution of Christians Theodotos and was arrested. He was tortured, but he was not rejected from the true faith. Soon Constantine the Great liberated the imprisoned Christians. Martyr Fedot returned to the duties of the Bishop of Kyrenia and two years later died peacefully. Since the day Fedota usually fell in lent, recommended him to respect and to follow the monastic Charter.

Tried 15 March to observe xerophagy, that is to eat vegetables without heat treatment.

Eating only needed 1 time per day after sunset.

In addition, I tried to refrain from entertainment, evil thoughts and foul language.

There was once a belief that Fedot all underground keys to a boil, coming to the ground the last thaw. But if instead of the expected thaw has happened frost, sighed, sadly waving his hands: “Fedot, Yes not that”. But also big disappointments brought strong winds and snow drifts. After all, if “Fedot evil is not to be grass.” And she, fresh, green, appetizing, because at that time needed.

On hay and straw yield of milk from cows and in mid-March had to save. If the winter is clear, played out a Blizzard, deciding for another week-the second earth fun. Costs them good to wait, even when Fedot and the heat is the long-awaited snow porosit. But if “Fedot skid — go skotinka demolished.” However, heavy snowfall, and even with a cold gusty wind not only barnyard inflicted significant damage, but generally all peasant farming. So people rush out of the corral into the yard, from the yard to the garden to shake the trees heavy with accumulated snow, remove broken branches by wind, to heal the wounds… in garden in the March were many.

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