Why is servicing at the dealership a winning formula?

Why is servicing at the dealership a winning formula?

Your family, friends and coworkers probably all have their thoughts on the subject: who, the garage mechanic or the dealership, is best equipped to repair and maintain your vehicle?

The short answer: The dealership knows it better than anyone else and offers several great benefits.

However, to have a few more arguments to give to those around you, here are five important benefits that you can see after visiting an expert like Toyota Dealers in Quebec!

You follow the maintenance program to the letter

Automobile dealers follow a maintenance program established by specialized engineers. This plan aims to maximize the life of your car and the parts that make it up. Of course, there are some preventative maintenance measures that experts could take to save you from costly repairs in the future, and these are clearly stated in the owner's manual.

Instead of waiting for a part to break, for example, a dedicated mechanic at the dealership might suggest that you replace it when they see that its viable life is drawing to a close. It is recommended to make an appointment every 8000 km, it is the best way to ensure the durability and reliability of your vehicle!

You benefit from the guarantee

At a trusted dealership like Toyota Dealers in Quebec, all work, whether it is original parts or labor, is guaranteed for two years. Thus, by going to the shopkeeper rather than the local garage owner, you do not need to argue or haggle with the mechanic: the repairs will be done free of charge!

You are dealing with experts

The auto experts at your local dealership know the inner workings of your vehicle better than any other mechanic. So they are able to get it right the first time. No surprises, missing parts or return to the garage in sight – which we know can be very costly.

In addition, the mechanics at your dealership regularly undergo advanced training in order to get to know the vehicles on which they work inside out. By doing this, they are able to carry out repairs and maintenance faster than a freelance.

Their sanitary measures are beyond reproach

A dealer established for a long time in the industry like Concessionnaires Toyota du Québec is a rigorous, organized and reliable company. In each of the brand's banners, the health instructions put in place by the Government of Quebec and the Corporation of Quebec Automobile Dealers are followed to the letter, from wearing a mask to disinfecting stations.

You save time

All these advantages combine in one strong point: visiting the dealership also saves time! Since the job is well done, guaranteed and performed by experts in your automobile, the chances of returning to the mechanic for a recurring problem are almost nil, saving you time and money, both of which are invaluable.

When properly maintained, your vehicle can last for years. Do business with a member of the Toyota Dealership of Quebec to ensure reliable and quality service by making an appointment quickly!

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Why is servicing at the dealership a winning formula?

Why is servicing at the dealership a winning formula?

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