Why is the use of firearms by the police, has there been an increase?

Illustration of an intervention of the police here in the Republic, in Rennes. — C. Allain / 20 Minutes

  • The police of the police highlights an increase in the use of firearms by officers since the beginning of the year.
  • The trade unions believe that it reveals the persistence of violence against police officers who use their weapon to defend themselves.
  • For the Conference of the chairpersons, it is mainly a consequence of the law passed by the Parliament in February last.

The police are ever less reluctant to unsheathe their weapon. According to a note of theIGPN, as revealed by
TF1, during the first six months of the year, the declarations of use of the weapon individual increased 39,48 % compared to 2016, up from 116 to 192. An increase ” significant “, consider the horse carrots, stressing that this increase had already started at the end of 2016.

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For Frédéric Lagache, deputy general secretary of the union Alliance police nationale, this increase is indicative of the violence to the agents. Indeed, it is particularly concerned with the firing of intimidation or of a summons, which record an increase of 89,47 %, ranging from two to 19 shots. “In the majority of cases, these shots are made while the officers are surrounded, and attacked by groups of individuals threatening, armed and increasingly often in balaclavas,” says the IGPN.

“Agents take advantage of the largesse to which they have been granted”

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The police of the police adds that ” in most of these situations, self-defence would allow the police officers to return their weapons in the direction of their attackers. These shots are, therefore, justified and justifiable, and have not in the state to be “discouraged” “. “The police aren’t scared, they are no longer respected “, explains Frédéric Lagache.

A justification agreed not Me Yves Mahiu, president of the Conference of the chairpersons. “We must give an explanation “, he breathed to 20 Minutes. According to him, this increase is a consequence of the law relaxing the rules on self-defence for police officers, adopted in February last. “From the moment that you have freed police officers from all constraints, it is quite natural that there has been an increase in the use of the use of arms. The agents take advantage of the largesse to which they have been granted. “

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This text had been claimed by the police after serious incidents of Viry-Châtillon. It defines a common framework for the use of firearms by the police and the gendarmerie, aligning the first on the second. The police can now “use their weapon after a summons” to stop, for example, a person ill of which they have custody or a hit and pouncing on them. At the time, several organizations, like the Conference of the chairpersons of the
Union of the magistrates or of the
LDH, had criticized the text, claiming it was dangerous.

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But the police are not, however, become a “cowboys with a license to kill,” says Frédéric Lagache. “They know how to master their weapon, the situations. While in many cases, the text allows them to neutralize an individual, they avoid to do so. “But he explains that he has “reassured” the officers that had, until then, “fear of losing their job” if they used their weapon in service when this was required.

Better training

It recognizes that it is necessary to give officers better training ” in the framework of the evolution of the use of our weapons “. For now, the police form… on their computer by answering questions on where they can use it. “There needs to be more interactivity,” he says. An observation that is shared by Denis Jacob, of the trade union Alternative Police CFDT. “The police only have three training sessions per year and they only take up to thirty cartridges. This is not enough, “he says, stressing that it is necessary to further” raise awareness of the use of weapons following the easing of the texts of the law.”