Why men fall out of love: that every woman should know

The truth is that relationships are very fragile. Over them need to work hard.

Чому чоловіки перестають любити: це повинна знати кожна жінка

The truth is that relationships are very fragile. Over them need to work hard. Some of us calm down as soon as they have stability in relationships. And so we are compromising when we begin to take husband for granted, just because believe that nothing will make it go away, reports Rus.Media.

Of course, it is impossible to try on all men, it is impossible to generalize. But it is still the most common causes, collected by me on personal observations and recognition of my male friends.

To love is not something that happens in one day. It’s a process.

Sometimes men tell women what’s wrong, but usually we don’t believe them – we think they’re manipulating us. All because we were brainwashed by romantic movies, and reality seems too incredible to us. And we begin to take men seriously when we see that they really lose interest or even are on the verge of to go.

But really, men are simple creatures. Women are much more complicated. And we are very different from each other. But our difficulty does not mean that we are bad. On the contrary, it means that our female brain is programmed to decode the behavior and analyze almost everything – in contrast to men.

The problem is not the men. The problem between a man and a woman is not knowing how to interact with each other. Since men are more secretive, they make us think that they are too complex and difficult. But once we understand that really wants the man, everything becomes much easier.

So here’s what can make a man go:

When you are too obsessive.

Obsessive woman wants to be always beside her husband. She constantly sends him texts, calling when he’s not around. She always wants to accompany him, cancels for the sake of their plans, and expects that he will do the same. In addition, she is impatient.

In addition to external irritation, this shows the man that the woman is not confident. He sees that her whole life is him, and he really didn’t like it. We may think it is very romantic, but men are put off. Personal space is crucial. We must have his life, his plans and personal independence that have nothing to do with her husband.

When you have drama.

A man chooses the woman with whom he’s having fun and he feels happy. If you tend to exaggerate, make up one’s mind and make mountains out of molehills to him a problem may be you. And when the man says to stop making a scene, we don’t believe it and continue to sabotage our relationship.

When a woman does this, men associate it with negativity. There is nothing wrong with emotions, but point it at something positive. Men simply do not know how to behave in such cases. The relationship of man and so has great responsibility. And when you continue to give him the stage, he’s experiencing three times greater burden of responsibility – for yourself, for your relationship and for your happiness.

When a man feels unappreciated.

Men’s self-esteem, as we would not seem, in fact, is very fragile. They won’t admit it, but they are also afraid of love because they are afraid of failure. They put a lot of pressure society: what should be achieved by a man that he should be – work, money, success, ability to provide for his family.

A lot of responsibility. And when a person feels that his efforts are somehow rewarded, that it at least someone appreciates – he lowered his hands. The biggest mistake women in relationships is to make man feel guilty and blame him for their unhappy marriage. The woman should appreciate even the slightest effort of the husband and talk to him about it. Only then he will try even more.

When a woman forgets about the needs of her husband.

Men love to feel love. Usually we underestimate the importance of his feelings. He’s just reserved, but feelings him no less than we do. The most important thing for him: sexual satisfaction, support and admiration for him.

When a woman binds a man hand and foot.

It is for this reason that many men are afraid of marriage. They think they’ll cease to meet friends, to watch football and drink beer. When a person loses their personal space, the woman loses it.

Actually the point is to listen to what they say to us men. They are simple. If he says he doesn’t like something, no need to overthink his words and look for the subtext. Most likely, he just doesn’t like it, all you need to try to change that. Men are straightforward. Unlike us, they don’t speak in riddles and hints. Just respect its needs.


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