Why not a One World francophone?

Pourquoi pas un One World francophone?

The american stars and the british have had their One World : Together At Home. Canada (mainly) English will be his Stronger Together, All together, on Sunday evening next. And if the stars of the francophonie joined them also for a special tv in order to celebrate the health workers and raise funds ?

One might think that the broadcasting of such an event could be done simultaneously, despite the time difference, in several French-speaking countries in America, Europe and Africa.

Who would go to the sub ? We leave the answer to potential organizers.

That could be the stars of such a project ? Artists whose popularity crossed the oceans. Let’s go by continent.


Even if it has taken part in the emissions us and canada, how to deactivate Celine Dion of the project ? If she wants to participate, of course. A virtual duo with Jean-Jacques Goldman, perhaps ? Live of its Louisiana, you can well imagine Zachary Richard put his touch cajun. Very popular here as in France, Cœur de pirate is a must. Ditto for the veteran Robert Charlebois. To reach more young people, we may also request Loud and Hubert Lenoir. To represent the west Indies and Haiti – Wyclef Jean. Even if he does not speak French, he sings.


From the outset, the applications of big names such as Patrick Bruel and Julien Clerc is required. One would think to gather Indochina to the screen in the same way that the Rolling Stones last Saturday ? There is no doubt that the presence of the Belgian Stromae, which is discrete since a few years, would be very appreciated, just like his fellow countryman with strong roots in quebec, Lara Fabian. The rise of the two sides of the Atlantic, the name Angela comes to mind, as that of Christine and the Queens.

Africa :

The african musical stars sing for the most in several languages, but some of them represent French speaking countries, and might push the note in the language of Molière. We think of the star of Benin, Angelique Kidjo. Or even the activist Tiken Jah Fakoly (Côte d’ivoire), the duo Amadou and Mariam, Salif Keita, the Senegalese Youssou N’ Dour.

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