Why not brew tea more than two times

Почему нельзя заваривать чай больше двух раз

Avicenna said that “Tea strengthens the spirit, softens the heart, awakens the mind and dispels the sloth”. His words never wavered, but what about the talk about the dangers of this drink?The ancient Chinese believed that drinking cold tea is just as to use scalding or very strong tea impossible. If brewing tea is not once or brewed for a long time it will lead to the fact that all the components contained in the tea will be exposed to the oxidation process. Start to oxidize such valuable substances such as vitamins P, C, amino acids, which in turn negatively displayed not only on the taste of the tea, but also its external characteristics. Tea loses its transparency, decreasing its nutritional value, aroma. Under the influence of the environment in the tea several times increases the number of different microorganisms (bacteria, fungi).Why not brew tea for the third and subsequent times?Basically after the second welding and the third tea leaves lose all of their useful components, fragrance, color. The experiments that were conducted show that after the first steeping of tea leaves goes up to 50% of all useful components. If the tea is brewed a second time, these components became smaller by 30%, and after the third is only 10%. If the tea is to brew on, then people will not drink a healthy beverage, but something with a large amount of harmful components. Though on the human body great harm, they do not have, but it is only in the case if you do not drink this tea every day for a few cups.In addition, there are reasons why people drink tea is simply impossible, these include age restrictions, health status and special situation (pregnancy, breastfeeding).Tea may cause harm if it is misused. In the English medical journal “The New England Journal of Medicine” was given the results of the research of several people who drank very strong and several times the brewed tea. One of the subjects were brewed from 100 to 150 tea bags every day for 15 years, with the result that she crumbled the teeth and the bones have reached a critical indicators of fragility.

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