Why not cut a third child?

What is the wisdom hidden in this ancient Slavic tradition?

Чому не можна стригти дитину до року?

I think many moms have heard this omen babies up to a year can not be cut. But why is such a simple and common thing – children’s haircut – in the folk wisdom there is a ban, no one remembers, and so parents and do not comply with the “Covenant” of their ancestors. It turns out that this sign is not an invention of our grandparents, and ancient custom of the Slavs, which reads as follows: prior year to cut children actually extremely desirable, and when the time comes to perform the rite of circumcision of the hair, it should be done differently for boys and girls.

Why in the Slavic tradition it was customary to cut the hair of children in the year and not before?

It is known that in the growth and development of the child, there are certain steps. Our ancestors knew perfectly well that at a certain age is not only physical but also psychological maturity and the transition to a qualitatively new stage of development of the person, informs Rus.Media.

The Slavs, from the earliest age the child was brought up belonging to her sex, and it was fixed by certain ceremonies, called Age-related Initiations. They were held in 1 year, 3-5 years, 7-12 years, depending on the readiness of the child. This is the Tonsure, the lightning girls, and Postriziny, Pasini on the horse boys. The modern science of developmental psychology also claims that during these periods the children are age crises, after which the child changed the perception of the world, their place in it, relationships with people.

At the age of one year, the child is treated as a full member of society that owns his desires and will. Since that time, the child becomes aware of the “I” becomes more independent. Around this age the baby already he goes. This period is very important and for parents who need to see the child is not their property, but an individual, and become ready to help to its development and formation. In this time and age held the first initiation – the rite of Postriziny.

This age the dedication though called the same for boys and girls, but goes to them in different ways. It has long been known that hair has a sacred significance, is the conductor of spiritual power, the contact with the subtle world. In the ritual the boys doing this and girls only symbolically cut down on all four sides. The boys, whose purpose in life is to win new, to build, to achieve goals, must learn to live by his own mind. And girls, the purpose of which is to maintain order (harmony) to create an atmosphere in the family, you need to develop the subtle sense of intuition with the long hair. For girls, it is important from an early age to care for your hair. The ritual also gives the child a more balanced awareness of their identity.

Cut the girl unsheathed at any age is very desirable. It is worth doing only for some medical reasons.

Generally it is undesirable to cut hair, for example, if it interferes, gets into the eyes, but if it is not possible to collect hairs, of course, it is better to cut than to ruin a child’s vision.

If the parents in a year does not cut my kid’s hair (e.g., hair was short, and about an ancient custom they didn’t know), you can hold a ceremony later.

Sacred meaning of cutting hair has in the year. It is possible for a month to postpone the Vows. After this is just a haircut.

How to perform the rite of cutting hair in modern conditions? Can parents to do it yourself?

The ceremony may be performed only by a spiritual guide, since it is a sacred act. Parents can simply celebrate a first birthday in the family circle, to bathe the child in grasses, cut her hair, dress in new white clothing, sprinkle with grain, candy, to have wealth. Arranged all this not only for kid but for parents to realize that the child became a person, with the opinion which must also be considered – after the first birthday need to change your attitude to the child. All hair of the boy after cutting should be burned immediately. Hair cut girls after the ceremony, the mother hides it, and it burned when an adult daughter is getting married, then there is from parents in the family of her husband.