Why not leave the Bay leaf in the soup

Почему нельзя оставлять лавровый лист в супе

A rare dish without Bay leaf, broth, soups, stews, goulash, sauces, marinades impossible without this spice. But even to such, at first glance, the simple case should be approached with the mind. “Rambler” to understand the nuances.Laurel is valued for its unique aroma, which give it the essential oils contained in the leaves. By the way, the pros are recommended to first RUB the leaves together to accelerate the secretion of oils and then add to the dish. Thanks to the substances contained in the composition, the Bay leaf has antibacterial and antiseptic effect. Sometimes it is enough to chew on one piece of paper, for example, to speed up the healing of sores or get rid of unpleasant mouth odor.Along with essential oils of Bay leaf contains bitterness and tannins. Fortunately, when boiling is first allocated to a more volatile esters and only then rest. Experienced cooks recommend adding a Bay leaf for 5 minutes until cooked in the first course, and 10 minutes in the second. And then certainly to be removed to avoid bitterness. Incidentally, the author of the famous book about tasty and healthy food William Pokhlebkin, advised to take two times more leaves than specified in the recipe, but removed, respectively, before. So, the dish will have the aroma of essential oils and will not become bitter.

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