Why not to sleep in contact lenses and what is the result?

Prolonged wearing of the lenses increases the risk of parasitic and viral diseases of the cornea.

Чому не можна спати в контактних лінзах і до чого це призведе?

The habit of wearing contact lenses, even at night leads to serious infections of the cornea. This was recently reported by the doctors.

Why is it dangerous to wear contact lenses?

Recently a survey was conducted by the Centers for control and prevention of diseases. 3 out of 10 adolescents and young people reported that sometimes wearing contact lenses night, informs Rus.Media.

An earlier study “case-control” has already shown that the negligence of the patients increases the risk of infection more than 5 times.

34-year-old man was unable to remove soft contact lenses for 3-4 nights a week. He also wore them while swimming. The patient applied to the emergency Department due to permanent redness and blurry vision. The doctors found the amoeba in the cornea. Thanks to the treatment, after 6 months the visual acuity recovered to normal values.

17-year-old girl also did not feel the need to remove your contact lenses bought without a prescription at the pharmacy, at night. She developed a corneal ulcer. When she came to the doctor, it could only distinguish between light and dark color of the affected eye. Despite treatment, scarring in the cornea persists. Visual acuity decreased significantly.

57-year-old man, who wore contact lenses for 2 weeks, it became virtually blind, as found by the doctors. The right eye ophthalmologists found infiltration and perforation of the cornea. The right eye could be saved only by corneal transplantation. The left eye recovered with local treatment. Visual acuity has improved, but the scar remained.

Ophthalmologists suggest that it is not isolated cases. The exact prevalence of corneal diseases through hygienic errors is not installed.

Effects of extended wear contact lenses are misdiagnosed?

The Australian study showed in 2008 that General practitioners incorrectly diagnosed 64% of their patients. About 10% of these cases are associated with serious clinical events. Also in Germany, family doctors examine from 4 to 10 patients with vision problems weekly.

Under certain conditions, these patients should be referred directly to the ophthalmologist. In the presence of a foreign body or other injury needs urgent medical assistance. In the first stage of medical history, the physician should distinguish between chronic and acute symptoms, and explore both eyes.

The diagnosis determines whether the patient carries contact lenses. Because they are a special form of bacterial conjunctivitis. These patients are often encountered parasitic diseases. Because these pathogens are often resistant to conventional antibiotics, the physician needs to determine the type of pathogen. Otherwise, microbial keratitis can lead to corneal perforation in hours. We can not exclude permanent loss of vision or even eyes.

Can I swim with contact lenses?

German ophthalmological society (DOG) warns about the risk of developing infections of the cornea using swimming with the lenses. Many patients complain of red eyes immediately after swimming.

Sometimes the symptoms disappear in a few hours. Eye drops ease the burning sensation. If symptoms persist for more than 24 hours, patients should consult with an ophthalmologist. It is important to exclude an infectious disease.

Patient with contact lenses should adhere to the doctor suggests interval wearing. You must remove the lenses before sleeping, swimming or showering. Otherwise there is a high percentage of development of infectious diseases of the eye.