Why plants that surround us, such different colors?

Coming to his village or to the cottage we always admire the beautiful views and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. At different times of the year, we can observe change in appearance of plants, trees and herbs.

Чому рослини, які нас оточують, такі різнобарвні?

It happens because of temperature changes on the street. But why in the summer, during the hottest time of the year plants different bright and colorful? Why some bright red, others yellow and purple? In the letter the same way as in the petals of various plants, contains a special liquid that helps the leaves to remain elastic, and due to its texture and exposure to sunlight, the petals acquire a specific color. Some plants are bright orange and yellow hues purchased this color due to burnout or in other words, long exposure to the sun. The same effect is obtained in our hair when we return from a long vacation to the sea or from the camp. The sun’s rays during a long stay under them to kill the structure of the color in our hair, so it is discoloured and it seems to us that the hair was white, informs Rus.Media.

The same thing happens with the petals. They are discolored. But have you ever seen transparent leaves or petals? Apparently, plants with transparent leaves are extremely rare, but in nature they exist. Other plants, other colorful and bright shades, take their color from the structure of the internal fluid. For comparison, for them, this fluid is similar to blood. This liquid absorbs active ingredients from the land and carries them on to the stem of the whole plant, so all the vitamins and minerals taken from the earth are the leaves and petals. That at the end forms a specific color plant. But weather conditions can mute the color, or, conversely, to make it brighter. Upon the occurrence of severe frosts or heat, the petals tend to lose brightness, and some do die.

Чому рослини, які нас оточують, такі різнобарвні?

But the arrival of spring, as we know, everything is just budding and beginning to blossom. As a rule, good color support is not the end, most of the plants has a very sweet and pleasant aroma at the time of flowering. On a smell flock of bees and wasps, and strive to taste the nectar of such plants. And their bright coloring, in turn, attracts insects with great force. The brighter the plant, the more likely it is that the bee will fly to it. Often we cut away beautiful plants, carry them into the house, pour water into the vase and put it on the kitchen table to give the house a more intimate atmosphere. At this moment the flower loses its roots, and therefore can no longer get useful vitamins and minerals from the earth.

Чому рослини, які нас оточують, такі різнобарвні?

Some time later, the plant still continues to fight for his life, and certainly tries to absorb water. you poured in the vase, or that platter, which placed the plant. But after many attempts she is not able to absorb water, and gradually begins to dry up. In the process of drying also dries up the fluid that is responsible for the beautiful appearance and brilliance. Sometimes it’s better to give the flower the ability to delight us with beds, and not to cut it ahead of time. I believe that any living plant feels pain and is able to die for the brutal attitude of the person. You need to love the world and nature, which tries to delight us with their little miracles.