Why tears taste salty? Why the tears, which contain salt, does not sting the eyes?

You are asked such a question?

Чому наші сльози на смак солоні? Чому сльоза, у яких міститься сіль, не щипає очі?

In our body contains a lot of salt or about 1 Cup of salt. In addition, all of our allocation in the body contain salt from sweat, urine and saliva to tears, reports Rus.Media.

Tears are the lubrication for our eyes, without which our eyes would become extremely dry and we can lose the vision. Tears are salty, and it has physiological, evolutionary and immunological reasons. There are three types of human tears-basal, reflex and emotional.

Basal tears are allocated continuously in small quantities, moistening the cornea and protecting the eye from dust and bacteria.

Reflex is the body’s response to stimuli, for example, foreign particles, fumes from onions or tear gas.

Third there are tears of emotion, both negative and positive — they stand out when people cry. They contain specific hormones prolactin and ACTH in a much higher concentration compared to basal and reflex tears that can be distinguished even by the smell.

Despite the presence of salt in tears, she does not sting the eyes because they contain a regulated amount of salt, unlike sea water which contains about 3% salt.

Finally, we found the answer to this question…

Tears are salty due to the presence in them of salts of sodium and potassium. But they have a higher water content. If we talk about the biological composition of tears contain organic and inorganic chemical substances, such as lipids, lysozyme, mucin, lactoferrin, and many other enzymes.

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