Why the heat can’t drink cold water

Почему в жару нельзя пить холодную воду

Salted and acidulated water is the best drink in the heat, because it will help to normalize the water-salt balance.

Writes Some, more than 60% of the body consists not of water but of salt solution, which exits the body through sweat, and heat water and salt balance falls. Why we feel thirsty.

Soda and sweetened beverages (kvass, cold tea with additives, sold in stores, compote and the like) further exacerbate the situation, as sugar leaches salt from the body.

To restore the hydro-saline balance in the heat should drink salted water. The water should not be salty, with the usual stone or sea salt, and salted. That is, with the special composition of salts.

Mineral water also helps replenish the loss of salts and minerals. Besides, everyone can drink it. The main thing — to choose in the heat of the water, which contains ions of sodium and chlorine (salt), magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulphates. The average degree of mineralization should be no more than 2.5-3%.

Another perfect thirst quencher — water with lemon or any other citrus. It is useful, because it contains many vitamins, but it contains few salts.

However, water with lemon has two important functions: it prevents blood clots and swelling. Nutrients in citrus fruits prevent the formation of blood clots due to thickening of the blood, so those who have summer, often convulsions, you should pay attention to this drink.

It is important to remember that in any case the heat can’t drink cold water, because at this time the vessels are expanded. Because of the use of the cold water there is a sharp temperature drop, which can cause vasospasm. This can lead to angina or even a stroke. The water should be at room temperature.


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