Why Ukraine canadian Ukrainians proper, and the Russian – no

Почему для Украины канадские украинцы правильные, а российские – нет

Vice Prime Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic integration Dmitry Kuleba said that the foreign Ministry is developing a concept for the recognition of dual citizenship.

“It so happened that millions of people went. And we need to keep their connection with Ukraine. Passport and citizenship is one of such connecting links. I hope it will be supported by society because the ban on dual citizenship was created in the same context, now the context is quite different,” – said Kuleba.

According to the UN report, in 2017, there were 6 million migrants from Ukraine. The Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration Kuleba should continue, that it happened just because of the Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine. This course Ukraine should with varying degrees of intensity since the Declaration of independence in 1992, losing in that time millions of citizens.

In tact the Deputy Prime Minister Kuleba spoke the head of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning Ukraine’s integration into the EU Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze. She presented to the public the status of the so-called “foreign Ukrainians”, which will be able to get the Ukrainians with a different nationality. The status gives the holder the same rights and opportunities as citizens of Ukraine except the right to vote and to be elected.

Dual citizenship – a common practice in the EU and beyond. The Institute of dual citizenship operates in Finland, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Hungary, great Britain, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Russia, etc. we Should distinguish dual citizenship from second citizenship. Dual is when two Nations signed an agreement on mutual recognition of citizenship if a citizen of one of them acquires the passport of another. Second citizenship – is when the agreement on dual citizenship no, but the possession of one citizenship does not preclude the presence of another.

A citizen of Russia, for example, can legally obtain a second citizenship in more than twenty countries. Ukraine declared European integration, the wildly looked European countries with their threats to punish administratively those who dared to equate to citizenship separatist powers the citizenship of another country.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian Constitution stipulates that the state has a single citizenship. According to the law “On citizenship” under a single refers to the inability to have a citizenship of administrative-territorial units of Ukraine. For example, the citizenship of Transcarpathia or Volhynia. The same law specifies that the acquisition of a Ukrainian citizen of another nationality is a ground for loss of Ukrainian. But it’s not a direct ban on second passport, and an indication of the lack of legal procedures for the recognition of such passports and the possibility of deprivation of Ukrainian without specifying the legal mechanisms of such deprivation. Therefore, as a rule, the Ukrainian citizenship of people deprived in their request. Taking the citizenship of another country, they either were in the process of “exit” from the Ukrainian citizenship (it is defined and worth the money), or the same as it was after the outbreak of armed conflict in the Donbass, were sent to the Ukrainian Consulate notarized statement with the request not to consider them as more citizens of Ukraine.

To the title of a really civilized country Ukraine is. The Institute of dual citizenship was intended to remove the barriers of legal discrimination of citizens with the passport of another country, but Kiev was not able to refrain from introducing discriminatory measures against its own citizens, living in Russia. Such, according to various estimates, 1.5-2 million for Them to have dual citizenship (Russian and Ukrainian) will be banned.

That is so simple and humdrum, about 2 million Ukrainian citizens remain behind the Ukrainian program for the recognition of dual citizenship. All foreign Ukrainians in Kiev were divided into two classes – the right (from America and Europe) and wrong (from Russia). Wrong Kiev automatically records potential “quilted jackets” and “separatists”, even though many people live in Russia in the power of life-domestic and not political reasons. Someone in Russia elderly parents or children, someone – work or inherited the property. But it so happened in the Ukrainian state – geopolitical passions down to the household level and hit the people.

According to the laws of many States, and Ukraine in particular, persons with dual citizenship is forbidden to hold public office. But Kiev should not be afraid of what 2 million of Ukrainian citizens from Russia will rush to Ukraine to occupy the chair of prosecutors, judges, mayors and Ministers.

But dual citizenship and public office are not prohibited to American and canadian Ukrainians in Ukraine have never been and know about her only the memories of their ancestors, who served the Third Reich. “If in the future the Ukrainian government will be a new Diaspora members with citizenship in Canada or the USA, but willing to work on our country, the government should have a finished model of cooperation with them,” – said Kuleba. Otherwise it could not be, because the canadian and American Ukrainian Diaspora have long influence on Ukrainian domestic and foreign policy and written for Ukraine and laws (for example, about the status of the state and budget financing “Reservoir” and the instructions for the Ministry of health).

Ukrainian officials have repeatedly stressed that dual citizenship will be allowed for all ethnic Ukrainians, in addition to Russian. Surprised by the reference to ethnicity: who is ethnic Ukrainian? The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, who is Jewish, he’s many ethnic or ethnic Ukrainian? And former Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Klimkin, Russian from Kursk region? A supporter of the punitive operation against the Donbass, “parkalot” Yury Kasyanov with his Russian surnames – he is an ethnic Ukrainian? And killed the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko with his Ukrainian surname Ukrainian?

At the dawn of the appearance under the influence of the Polish-Austrian propaganda first “professional” Ukrainians in the nineteenth century it was clear that the Ukrainian – is not so much ethnic as political. Ukrainians were then called media Russophobic views, supporters of the separation of the Ukraine from great Russia. Those whom we in the broadest sense of the so-called Ukrainians in those days called themselves Russian. The word “Ukrainian” was in the place of residence (Ukraine), and not nationality. By analogy with the modern words “Siberian” (one who lives in Siberia) or “volynyanin” (one who lives in Volhynia).

Today the concept of “Ukrainian” is also embedded in the political sense. By these rules a citizen of Ukraine and a hater of Donbass and Russia by the name of Sidorov, a Ukrainian and a Russian citizen, sympathetic to the people of Donbass, by the name Sidorenko – Ukrainian. Is ethnicity in this approach plays a role? No, it is considered only belonging to the political camp. That is “Ukrainian” is not an ethnicity and not geography, is belonging to a community with a specific belief system, something like a sect of their religion, politics, values, and enemies. Therefore, Zakharchenko could not be a Ukrainian in understanding this community, and Klimkin – can. Hence the original hostile attitude of the representatives of the Ukrainians towards Zelenskiy, which is not perceived as Ukrainian because of Jewish origin. For this reason, among the Ukrainians constantly circulating ideas to “filter” the population of Donbass for the purpose of depriving the civil rights of those people on the basis of “filtering” recognize wrong Ukrainians.

Russia – the champion among the other countries according to the number obtained citizenship of the Ukrainians. In the EU, Ukrainians often give the temporary residence permit or a residence permit, but not citizenship. In 2018, more than 81 thousand citizens of Ukraine become Russian citizens. For the first half of 2019 there are already 45 thousand. And horror stories of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry not to allow them to have a second citizenship will not change this trend in the future.

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