Many of us are unable to hear the recording of your own voice. It seems to us to be higher, thinner, and overall sounds rather disgusting. The entry can not lie, and it means that others can hear our voice that way?

Scientists, too, have long wondered this question. The most popular explanation for this phenomenon is – we used to listen to myself on the inside of the head through the skull bone, which give the voice a lower frequency, while to others it sounds higher.

Physicists say that our voice that we hear and our surrounding is different voices. Actually is the same sound. The fact that the acoustic wave undergoes a different path. Our interlocutors hear only those vibrations which pass through the air. We, in addition, we hear more and fluctuations that happen inside our body. After all, the human body consists of large amounts of fluid, which can distort the sound wave. It turns out that we hear a combination of different sounds. Throughout life, we formed an addiction to his “inner” voice. And what we hear in records that do not match our expectations. So often the recorded sound seems to us disgusting, and we don’t want to admit, it actually sounds to the voice.

In 2013, scientists conducted an experiment they asked participants to rate the voices of strangers, recorded on tape, and towards the end gave the subject to listen to your own voice. If the person didn’t realize that listening to yourself, put this record a higher rating. This phenomenon has been tried to explain in the 60-ies: psychologists Phil Holzmann and Clyde Rosie came to the conclusion that the problem with the rejection of his own voice is not only the difference in frequency, but also in extralinguistic clues. This is when we think that our language translates the world only what we allow, and in fact, it exposes us, giving some suppressed traits. For example, excessive insecurity or lack of restraint. It’s like with those feelings, if people suddenly saw themselves naked in the middle of a busy street.

This guess was confirmed further studies Holzmann and Rosie: people who know two or more language, the most annoying its own speech in their native language rather than foreign. But only under the condition that the second they learned after 16 years.

However, the failure of his voice effectively treated frequent audio recordings. It’s possible that in five years, when text messages will be a lot of reactionaries and all will go to voice message, and the problem of non-acceptance of their voices in the record will disappear by itself.

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