Why women must get out of the chair every 30 minutes

Почему женщины должны вставать со стула каждые 30 минут

Women after menopause who have an increased risk of diabetes often need to get up from my chair and walk short distances. In particular, the researchers urged women not to sit on a chair for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

The conclusion that protection from diabetes women should not sit on a chair, reached by scientists from the University of Leicester in the UK. They conducted an experiment involving three categories of women after menopause who have excess weight and included in the group of increased risk of diabetes.

Women who made up the first category, continuously sitting for 7.5 hours. The other women stood up for 5 minutes after every 30 minutes spent on the chair. The third category not only raised every half hour, but walking for 5 minutes.

During the day, scientists tested the participants indicators of the level of blood sugar after eating. Breakfast and lunch all patients had a standard.

The study showed that women who regularly got up from his chair, observed the least intense spikes in blood sugar after eating.

“Compared with those who sat all 7.5 hours regularly which women had 34% less spike in blood sugar levels after receiving power. Among those who have made Hiking every half hour, the increase in sugar levels were reduced by 28%,” — said the authors.Scientists urge women to avoid continuous sitting. They added that women who periodically stand up from a chair, reduced concentration of naturally produced insulin, which is a symptom of diabetes.

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