Why women need to Wake up early in the morning

Почему женщинам нужно утром рано просыпаться

According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado, women who get up early are less likely to become depressed than those who like to sleep in. According to doctors, exposure to daylight affects the risk of suffering from depression, and women who get up early, have from 12% to 27% less chance of becoming a victim of a mental disorder.

In the course of study of 32,000 women with an average age of 55 years, participants were asked to describe their chronotype. 37% described themselves as “larks”, 10% – “owls”, and 53% belonged to the mixed type of chronotype. The experts took into account known risk factors of depression, including weight, physical activity, chronic diseases, sleep duration and night work, and then came to the conclusion that people who belonged to night or mixed chronotype, often suffered from depression. In the intermediate chronotype the risk of developing depression accounted for only 6%, which is not significant, the other two chronotypes this risk ranged from 12% to 27%.

The study also showed that the “owls” are less likely to marry and most likely live alone, smoke and have poor quality sleep – all of these factors can also increase the chances of suffering from depression.


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